Conservatives Are Freaking About The Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling: Here Are 10 Of The Most Hilarious Meltdowns


ACA_Obamacare Ruling 18

In a 6-3 ruling issued late Thursday morning, the Supreme Court rejected an attempt by conservative activists to undermine the Affordable Care Act by mendaciously exploiting what was essentially a typo in the law. The decision in King v. Burwell — the second time the court has ruled decisively in favor of the health care law — will prevent an estimated 13 million Americans in 34 states across the country from losing their health insurance. Naturally, conservatives are devastated.

Here are some of the most hilarious and predictably deranged right-wing meltdowns so far (oh, and keep in mind —  this was before the same-sex marriage ruling was issued today):

1. Words are meaningless and the world doesn’t make sense anymore!

SCOTUS 5SCOTUS 6By God, context and congressional intent were actually considered in the interpretation of a 4-word phrase cherry-picked out of a 1,000+ page document?  That’s… that’s just too much…

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