Is it all about Rainbows? Gay Marriage and Neoliberalism

Is it all about rainbows? Not surprising how conservatives are embracing and helping to push the decision through. However, folks can mistake this for a decision about equality. Conservative support makes sense when you’re talking Neoliberalism, though.

“Conservatives, liberals, even leftists love it, because what it does it to shore up a system whereby, a neoliberal system whereby benefits accrue to those with the most private resources. And that’s what conservatism is all about, right, it’s all about everyone for himself or herself. The state takes absolutely no responsibility for one’s welfare. Every man and woman for himself or herself. That’s, that, you know, fundamentally is one of the tenets of conservatism…So as long as the queer community only thinks selfishly about itself as gay marriage is being the guiding, the guiding force, for instance, everybody is doomed. And I think moving forward we have to start realizing that matters like the intense racism, right, that exists in this country which is worse than–as bad or worse than plantation racism. That’s what we are in right now. And 21st century America is suffused with plantation racism. We have to think about that. We have to think about the devastating economic and environmental policies that we have set in place. All of that is connected to people. It’s not just about gay people and their particular gay issues.” – YASMIN NAIR, CO-FOUNDER, AGAINST EQUALITY


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