Burning a Cross: Traditional Values

“KKK Vows to Terrorize Blacks With Cross Burning At SC Pro-Confederate Flag Rally” is a headline I read just today. Okay.

The author tells us about an event happening.

“While many claim that the Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism, the Ku Klux Klan’s planned rally for the flag fairly well invalidates this assertion. Sure, the flag represents “heritage” — but what heritage?”

The author reports the Klan website saying:

“If you can’t tell, they are trying to wipe us out of the history books,” the Klan says on its web site. “Tell this Marxist government they better not dishonor out ancestors graves.”

Okay. I don’t think folks are trying to wipe the memory out in any way. We are remembering that history quite vividly. Thanks though.

The Klan asks that the event remain “whites only” in keeping with its “traditional” values.

Okay. But I’m not sure if folks are even forgetting the Klans “traditional” values either.

Forgetful Americans

While checking on line (facebook) about what folks are remembering about the Confederate flag and Cross Burning, I discovered that folks aren’t forgetting about the Klan’s “traditional” values there either, especially on that ol’ lovable cross burning tradition thing.

“After the rally, the Klansmen will gather at the Grand Dragon’s home for a good, old-fashioned cross burning.”

Anyway, these are just fine Christians boys. Dang it, Klansmen just want to have fun.

Cross Burning

It sounds beautiful enough this cross all lit up in the night tradition–like a Hallmark Christmas card scene or a feel good movie moment. Yes, burning a cross just happens to also be in line with the cross’ original purpose as a devise– of public torture, capital punishment, and terror? The intent was to oppress and subjugate those the Romans concurred–reminding others about who was in control in stark horrific visual images. Fun times.


Let’s party. Christians believe that the Roman impact of death by cross  was negated by the actions of religious martyrs. A martyr’s dying in this manner tends to erase much of the fear of it in followers with the same cause. An example would be Jesus martyrdom from that type of public torture and execution. White Christian supremacists simply use this symbol to remind us of Jesus–the things that Jesus had done to him. Know thy place non-whites or you’ll end up like Jesus. It’s the Christian message in a way– albeit a screwy sort of way since the burning cross is not really Jesus Christianity as much as it is Constantine Christianity. Viva la Constantine!

Okay, thanks for the reminder KKK. Your rally sounds wonderful. Don’t forget beer and hot-dogs and maybe one of those inflatable bouncy houses for the kids.

Terry Gresham


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