Chis Hedges and Okie Progressive, Terry Gresham, find Similarities

Really. The need for labeling in the US in regard to left and right went away with the emergence of globalization and the end of the Cold War. Today, policies are either neoliberal-friendly or not. However, if one still needs to know a bit about the labeling of the populous- not the policy–then here is the stuff. Liberal and Conservative observers of policy-making are still around and can still be found battling out opinions.

Since I started thinking about this, I had doubts as to whether or not anybody else had similar ideas. I thought I may have just been being silly. Then suddenly, I ran across this article by Chris Hedges. Now I don’t feel so alone.  The Great Unraveling by Chris Hedges. In his article, he expresses a lot of what I was attempting to say, like:

“The labels “liberal” and “conservative” are meaningless in the neoliberal order. Political elites, Democrat or Republican, serve the demands of corporations and empire. They are facilitators, along with most of the media and most of academia, of what the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin calls our system of “inverted totalitarianism.”

Thanks, Chris Hedges.

So back to what I wrote in a past post, Understanding Liberals and Conservatives. 

However on the Hill, what we find more than ever, the lines get blurry when talking  the actual Left and Right. Liberals in high places can be found backing neoliberal policy hand in hand with Conservatives– happily skipping together.  They tend to morph into each other– mostly grappling over just who will benefit more from this or that neoliberal deal. Let’s call that Contributor Reciprocation and Fundraising. Granted, they do come from different philosophical starting gates, mind you, in pursuit of the money. So to understand those starting points, here are those in a nutshell. Hope this helps.

In a Nutshell: Understanding Liberals and Conservatives


Liberals in the US see the world as a good peaceful place–a garden of Eden. But sometimes things happen to disturb that. When MLK went to the mountain top, he reminded us of a place of how things should be. The dream is to get back to that place. Hopeful return to a peaceful place is achievable if we all just get together.

Liberals wonder why conservatives can’t see through the mist. Things can be better than they are.


Conservatives in the US see the world as having always been bad, horrifying, and repugnant–as a hell, not as an Eden. Only their efforts have saved the world and they are the defenders of the bits of the world they have saved. They have created small pockets of goodness, you might say. Conservatives feel that they have built a fort, put a moat around it, put guards on the lookout, and have secured the place from outside evil. 

Conservatives see liberals as breaking what they just fixed. Liberals should leave it alone and not touch anything.

When Speaking to Liberals or Conservatives

Both see goodness, but the goodness is seen a bit differently. Remember the differing views of goodness when speaking to each group– both are expecting to be addressed nicely and spoken to in their own language.

Terry Gresham


2 thoughts on “Chis Hedges and Okie Progressive, Terry Gresham, find Similarities

  1. Well, I’d go far further. Labels have never worked- they seem to be a uniqueley human construct and a feeble attempt to order things in a way that makes them easy for us to “understand”. My thinking on this goes all the way back to the age of the record store…and the frequent reality of “why the **** is so and so in the xyz section”.
    And let’s face it- whether we are talking music, race, gender, sexual identity…or politics- our labeling system fails us all…
    And of course- we create more boxes. Liberal/Conservative fails so we add the categories social/fiscal. Which fails so we add terms like religion, immigration, foreign policy…down and down we go.

    I’d argue something I really haven’t seen discussed- that we are currently witnessing the collapse of the 2 party system the US is based on. And, that that is a very good thing- if we can come to terms with the fact that there are not 2 views on every subject. Or even five. that there is no black and white in our human reality- just millions of shades of gray.

  2. Mayhaps so, drugsandotherthings, Mayhap so. Hopefully, third or more parties will not be simply more asses trying to cash in on US citizens.

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