The Opium Mob

The Green Pulpit


It is impossible to understand the reasoning and motivation behind medical cannabis prohibition without first understanding the origins of the Euro-American Opium Cartel, which is and always will remain medical marihuana’s fiercest foe simply due to the nature of the Cartel’s business. The Opium Cartel is the first true American cartel in terms of the modern understanding of the word and its rise to prominence built many of the companies, fortunes, powerful families and powerful figures that exist today.

The Opium Cartel predates other American Cartels, monopolies, oligopolies and forms of oligarchy in the United States because it is an inherited Cartel, a union of sorts between Anglo and American pharmaceutical interests that developed over the course of several major wars and really created the catalyst today for what is called “The Special Relationship” between the US and the UK. The Opium Cartel exists today, but is more difficult to…

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