The Pope

And now it is back to business as usual, with the departure of the Pope last evening. As his plane rose into the magnificent sky amid the rising lunar eclipse he gave the conservatives one tiny bit of meat to chew on perhaps to mollify their chagrin at his week-long tirade against everything they stand for in America with his slap at same-sex marriage. Francis sided with Kim Davis the far right crowd of Ted the Cruz and Mike the Huckster and allowed that government officials need not comply with Caesar when it comes to issuing licenses to same-sex couples.

As much as he is a liberal thinker on issues of social justice he just stepped his foot back into the old testament and away from the teachings of Jesus and proved that he is still not ready to fully embrace the 21st Century nor completely join Jesus in the realm of true Christian liberal thinking. We already knew he wasn’t anywhere close to easing the restrictions against women in the priesthood, no matter how he praised their role in the church. And he isn’t anyways near ready to embrace same-sex marriage.

So as far has he has leaped the Catholic Church into the modern era on income inequality and climate change he is still placing walls against the inclusion of Jesus’s all who come are welcome policies. For the Pope whom I admire mightily, he still is rooted in outdated and outmoded ideals and ideas.

I will pray for him that he may one day allow the church he leads and that has done so much to aid and comfort the afflicted and needy of this world to see the light of total inclusiveness that Christians must in the 21st Century embrace, foster and nurture if we are going to truly be the instruments of peace, love, hope and compassion that the simple Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth envisioned for us so long ago.

Bob Bearden


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