Open letter to Mayor Fitch of Lawton OK

Mayor Fitch,

I’m writing to you as a concerned citizen. 10 years ago the Lawton Alcoholics Foundation, a non-profit group, set down plans to build a new building. Our current building was moved from Ft Sill to 1204 SW F some time before 1947. After years of work saving money, finding grants we finally put the building up in March. But due to the property owner at 1202 F refusing to allow an easement to hook up the sewer, due to his fear his parking lot would be damaged, the building has been sitting empty.

Mayor Fitch, I don’t  know all the politics involved by one of the councilmen that owns the property or the city rules to hook up our sewer. Simply put, Mr. Mayor, three of the members the group that came up with the idea to build the building were all diagnosed with Cancer this year. It would be a travesty for these giving people and the  group as a whole and Lawton as a whole if this project fails due to egos, politics, and political cronies involved with the city councilman.

FYI-As well as leading people to sober lives, this group feeds the homeless, elderly, and poor every Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Easter in our community building. In fact, you have met thru the years people that found sobriety and God in that little Blue Building. I can name names now since they passed away: Charley Wade and Dr. Harris. Today, many people that own businesses in downtown Lawton found sobriety in this building. I can name at least 6 church’s in town where members came to 1204 F– sobered  up, found God, and now members of the church. In my 86-year-old mother’s prayer group, three members sober with of over 25 years each sober found their way to God from this little group. Betty Ford found sobriety from a member of this group while stationed Ft. Sill and later stationed at the Pentagon. This project is not about ego’s or politics. It’s about helping people that can find no other way to live a good life for their family’s and Lawton.

Please help fix this problem. The city planning commission is involved, Councilman Dwight Tanner, and building inspectors.  The Lawton Alcoholic’s Foundation and the McMahon Foundation help fund the building.

Thank you,

Peter M Gatliff,
23SW I Ave,
Lawton Oklahoma.

PS I gave you my book after your first election.  I found sobriety and ended years of PTSD over my wife’s death due to Breast Cancer due to this little group.

New Building
New Building

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