The Trojan Horse of Neoliberalism


By Creston Davis, Founder & Director of the Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS)

Trojan Horse by Keith Wormwood

We’re all familiar with one of the founding stories of western literature about the decade long siege on the city of Troy by the Greeks.  This story is penned in Homor’s Odyssey and later in the Aenied of Virgil and tells the tale of ultimate subterfuge.  The plan was based on the deception of a false gift, the Wooden Horse given to Troy as a Victory Trophy.  The Trojans were immediately taken, and as the Greeks sailed away from their abandoned positions, they celebrated even as they moved Greek troops into their secure city unawares.  Once everyone relaxed and got intoxicated from celebrating, the Greek troops popped out of the horse and took the city down.

When the 1960s revolution directly threatened to take over the modes of production, the capitalist elites teamed up with economic professors…

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