Bernie Sanders Will Not Hurt Hillary in Oklahoma

I still hear folks say that a vote for Bernie, even though they want to vote Bernie, is gonna hurt Clinton’s chances of winning. Let’s face it, Oklahoma Democrats, voting for Bernie is not going to harm Hillary unless there is a major shift in voting history here, which I hope there will be.

Remember that the state voted Democratic in all but two elections through 1948 but has not gone Democratic since, except in the landslide win for Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Due to the redness ’round these parts–and perhaps sadly–we are privileged in our state to be able to vote our conscience. We can vote for whomever. If your conscience says vote for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, vote Sanders. If Clinton, then Clinton. Nationally, Clinton will probably win. In Oklahoma, we will probably still go GOP. We are a bit behind the times here. A vote for Bernie will probably not change things much in Oklahoma. 

But it’s still early. Who knows, Bernie might just win Oklahoma– if you believe in miracles.  Hey, and the people might just win this time– even in Oklahoma. That would be grand. 


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