Planned Parenthood: Success, Not Abortion

It’s not entirely about abortion; mostly due to something else. Planned Parenthood is being targeted by the right mainly due to their success in helping candidates win who are, basically, not evil candidates– like Tammy Baldwin (D) of Wisconsin and others. See Report at PP turns out to be the most successful organization of the 2012 election cycle when looking at the money.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Inc.

The percentage under each group’s name represents their fall batting average: It reflects how much of their money went to support candidates who won and to oppose candidates who lost in the general election campaign.
PP Action Fund had a 98% success rate from the 2012 election cycle. Other organizations–both left and right–had at best 89% by Senate Majority PAC while the NRA batted in at a rock bottom 0.83% success rate. This ventures deep into the GOP heart of darkness. Abortion is not the real issue with PP, as we all know. The issue is winning elections. The Carry Nation folks just get played by interests of politicians and big business. I say this in the case of PP because PP is not in the business of baby parts. The major problem the GOP has with PP is that PP had a most successful 2012. Once again, its Action fund helped more candidates in 2012 than any other pac–a whopping 98% success rate. Contrast that with what groups like the NRA spent–NRA got a 0.89% return for their money in 2012. Planned Parenthood must go, it would seem.
Of course, the goal of the right is to knock out their political and business competitors. PP being the leading one. Hence, the right ramps up false talk and produces fake videos to demonize PP. Right wing pundits and political candidates go to work on PP and will continue the farce until a better story is made up. In the meantime, as a consequence of the rights greed, religious lunatics believe they are righteous in shootings.
I do fall into the ranks of Christianity, but not this sort. I see that religion has been used for centuries to push agendas that use religious folks as game pieces. It helps to cut business competition and to do that it’s best to get the help of “God.” That sort of maneuvering goes on. Lots of folks go into politics to do just that for themselves and their donors. There is, indeed, huge amounts of money at stake in the Healthcare industry. To transcend and understand what is going on with the attacks on PP, one must always follow the money–not the rhetoric. One would think, at least that after years and years of being played, Christians would be on the look out for the Constantine politicians.
Read the report. See: Outside spenders’ return on investment by Lindsay Young…

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