Bernie Sanders, Nordic Capitalist


Isn’t Sanders more of a Nordic Capitalist?

The Nordic model “social democracy” refers to a set of policies for promoting economic security and opportunity within the framework of capitalism rather than a system to replace capitalism.

Nordic Capitalism? That may be a far cry from the neo-liberal state we live in now, which, I might add, has not worked out too well. And I’ve heard some economists say neoliberalism is not really capitalism but some strange Austrian experiment. Some praise the neoliberal model as the only way, while folks like Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has noted that there is higher social mobility in the Scandinavian countries than in the United States, and argues that Scandinavia is now the land of opportunity that the United States once was.

Who’s to say?

I was unaware that notions like “social mobility” and “land of opportunity” were still thought about in the US. I was also unaware in reference to Bernie Sanders who gets the C-word a lot, that Communism is the same as Capitalism. Nordic Capitalism specifically, but still Capitalism, none the less. It has some strikingly¬†different components from communism…like it doesn’t even look like communism. Anyway, how anyone could mistake capitalism for communism is beyond the scope of this post.

All in all, Sanders would make a horrible communist. Dang Capitalist Sanders.


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