Oklahoma: Dem voters vs Dem voters

Oklahoma ended The Blue in presidential races in 1948 and the civil rights era with the one exception of Lyndon B Johnson–partly because of JFK’s death but also because Oklahomans may have thought that he might oppose civil rights.  Boy howdy, were Oklahomans’ Dixiecrats mistaken on that when LBJ went full force with the civil rights act of 1968. “I think we just delivered the South to the Republican Party for a long time to come,”said LBJ. That was the last time Oklahomans went for a Democratic presidential nominee. This trend here–Blue to Red– began back in 1948. Though before the Truman election, Oklahoma was solidly an FDR Blue State in national elections, unlike now when the days of picking any Democratic Party presidential nominees are long gone for Oklahoma and in 2016 Red is sadly what we will likely be in for in this year’s national election.

Lately, Reagan Red is who we are–as far as presidential nominees go. So in 2016, realistically, what then are the chances of Oklahoma going Blue? Hello. Clinton and Sanders’s voters in Oklahoma, we are on the same side.  Any of our candidates would make a fine President. Sadly, the chances are slim of our 7 electoral votes going to either one of our candidates, O’Malley included, so it’s darn luckily no one looks toward Oklahoma to decide the next president; we are not Nevada, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin.  That is to say, a GOP win in Oklahoma does not mean that there will be a Republican in the executive office or vice versa–if there was a vise versus here. Romney got our 7 in 2012, Mccain  in 2008, before that Bush, Bob Dole, H. Bush, Ragan, ad Infinitum. What does that mean? That means that we, Oklahoma progressives, are free to vote for whichever flavor of progressive we damn well please– without feeling that we have thrown away a vote on the lesser evil. We, Oklahoma Progressive voters, vote our conscience and are glad to do so.

Noticeably in 2016, no single GOP candidate is seeking to take on Wall Street (might be the reason these candidates are focusing on xenophobic issues) The Occupy Movement pretty much demanded we talk about Wall Street. There’s not been a peep from Republicans. Democrats, on the other hand, are at least talking about taking on the Big Banks (this most likely is the biggest issue of 2016) Their candidates blame the poor while the Democrats blame the real problem. The question is which Democrat has the better plan. I bet that if we just concentrate on debating this issue then we will know who to vote for. Other issues are important but first things first–the economy. Vote your conscience.  Then, don’t look back. Be true to yourself.


If you don’t like Hillary simply because you’ve been convinced that she might have done something criminal then you are buying into the right wing propaganda. And the Republicans have won at least that battle over your mind. Progressives pushing Benghazi and e-mails or Wall Street speech money may need to check their silliness meter.  In the years that Hillary has been around allegations about stuff has been floated about–none proved criminal. But that’s not the point, the allegations are the trophies. On the other hand, even if we do not agree with one or two of her policy decisions in the past most of us agree on the rest of her stance on issues. We are allowed to feel decently toward Barack Obama’s policies, disagree with some yet retain objectivity, why not with Hillary? Think. If even one item in the avalanche of criminal allegations since the 1990s had substance, she would have been in jail long ago. On top of that, if we agreed on everything a Clinton or an Obama or an anybody did all the time we would be a cult. Thank goodness we do not agree with leaders on everything.  If one were to look past the propaganda, the simple truth is that even the new propaganda conjured up specifically for this campaign is just that, propaganda.

Really, it’s propaganda. That’s all the Republicans are running on–talking points and propaganda. They must love it when progressives start to slinging their poop for them. They have nothing else to give to America but monkey poop slinging. Wait—Monkey poop is better than what they are flinging. Sorry for that, monkeys.


Trump probably will get our State. The GOP here has been on top since Truman on that vote. I hope I’m wrong. Most likely I’m right. We even picked Romney and McCain with a little of Sarah Palin sprinkled in there; none of them became president–by some miracle. But the GOP is who we helped. So, holler the heck out of Clinton or Sanders in 2016 but keep the love for all Democrats, Green Partiers, and Progressives. We need each other.


Terry Gresham-writer and editor


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