Fascism. Racism. Corporatism.

121346-400x272There’s lots of talk about Fascism these days. Fascism is an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. That’s Good. Well, not good. It’s good that people are talking about it. And Racism? We do tend to hear racist statements from a politician and then scream FASCIST.  However, the tendency to link fascism directly to the thing that is racism is a bit inadequate since .it is something else that is most characteristic but not talked about so much.

Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. And prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Not all Fascist totalitarian bullshit governments have had racism as a trait, like the Peron government in Argentina. However, all fascist governments have had corporatism as a fundamental component of a populist movement.

Corporatism is the control of a state or organization by large interest groups.

If one looks for fascism in the US and look for it all over in the US, one must look for it both with peanuts and without; that is, with or without racism. Is it possible to miss fascism by not understanding the corporatist element? A racist is not necessarily a fascist and a fascist is not necessarily a racist—Juan and Eva Peron were lovable fascists but not great racists at all. Perón’s ideology was economic and political in character and did not have the racism we saw in Nazi Germany. Juan Peron was a big fan of corporatism that was influential among Italian nationalists led by Benito Mussolini over in Europe. (However, the Peronists were sympathetic to Nazi Germany and after the war, Argentina became a refuge to a few Germans seeking refuge. This much is true)

Fascism of the 20th century can be boiled down to a dictator handing out contracts to the businesses loyal to the leader. (In the Communist Russia the politburo took the place of the fuhrer. Also, dishing out contracts to those businesses loyal to the Fuhrer/politburo)

Let’s say that again, how government deals and controls production–handing out contracts to corporations defines the flavor of fascism. Racism mat or may not be included since not all Fascists are racist.  However, all Fascists love being able to set up businesses they control.

What may be happening in our lifetime is a move toward the corporation cutting out the middle man furhrer/politburo–the CEO as Fuhrer. Please study the term inverted totalitarianism, a new form of government the US. If indeed this is our future, you’ll find that it is a tad different from the forms of government we tend to dislike–the past Mussolini/Hitler/Franco incarnations.

Folks should be talking about Donald Trump’s racism and talking about it a lot. But they should also be talking about corporatism in a way that informs Americans about the non-reality show aspects of fascism. That would be good. Folks should not stop with just Donald Trump. There are forms of non-racist fascism lurking about all over that are not shouting down and punching out Latinos and Blacks and Muslims. Folks might need to point that out.  One can jump off the Donald Trump train and think the US has been saved from fascism yet miss derailing other locomotives.

By voting, one can get rid of the Donald Trumps and think the US has been saved from fascism but then is the problem truly fixed?  There is fascism that does not talk like a sailor—it’s saintly and might even be seen sporting a halo with its business suit. This saintly fascism is all warm and fuzzy like a cute huggable puppy—not Hitler-like at all. Yet, still pretty bad.


2 thoughts on “Fascism. Racism. Corporatism.

  1. I agree with your definitions. I also agree with the statement that not all fascists are racist etc.
    However this does mean much. You can say that not all inner city black people are poor. But it doesn’t change the fact that the majority are poor. In the same way, it us evident that racism is very over represented among people with fascist/corporatist beliefs.

    My question is why this should be so. Why is racism so frequently a component of this philosophy? What benefit does it provide to maintaining the hegemony of those in power?

    1. Surely, racism is a component of much of American fascism yet Argentina fascism was non-racist. Oddly enough in Argentina, the badies were the rich aristocrats. The attention was directed toward the rich as to the reason for bad times. To a large extent, that was true as well in Germany and Italy. Like in Germany, the rich Weinmar aristocrats were just as loathed as minorities, and the members of the new party corporatists were to take over once all “bad” non-party individuals were removed. The difference for us in American is that the corporatists hold all the cards in the game. The corporatists have become our government. We didn’t have to chase off the previous power, only direct attention away from the corporatist. Many in American need to feel superior to somebody and this is fulfilled by directing them to minorities and not to the corporatists, the real source of dysfunction in America. This is done while ensuring the support of the duped masses.

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