What Would Bernie Sanders Do?


DSC00395If Bernie Sanders does not get the Democratic nomination, which presidential candidate will he vote for in the general election: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Will he vote for a Libertarian or a Green Party candidate?

The question is not what any of us would do in November–I’ve heard everything on facebook I can stand on that matter. The question is, “What would Bernie do?” I’d like to know because that might be what I would like to do; that is, do what Bernie does. That “If-not-Bernie-I-will-stay-home” mantra may not be right for me.

I already know that Sanders has promised not to run as an independent. That was the promise he made back in a few month’s ago entering the election. He said in the interview broadcast by C-SPAN.

“No, I made the promise that I would not and I will keep that promise. And the reason for that is I do not want to be responsible for electing some right-wing Republican to be president of the United States.” – Bernie Sanders

At the moment, all I only know is that Sanders will not run as an independent. Therefore, I will not run as an independent, either. That is, if I was running which I am not. But if I was I wouldn’t. Let’s get that straight, right now.  But what about voting?

Would Sanders vote for Clinton? Somebody ask him. I do not wish to be presumptuous.

What I want to know is how he will vote in the possibility that he doesn’t get the nomination; so I can perhaps follow his lead. He has spent a lot more time in Washington than I have. (I think I spent one day there when I was three years old)

It was in the 1980s when I was excited about another presidential candidate. I remember doing calls for Jesse Jackson during the 1984 campaign. Back then, Bernie Sanders endorsed Jackson for president. Bernie, Jesse, and I thought alike then and I’d like to think that we think alike today.

“Jackson’s presidential bid was a transformative political development for the Vermont senator, then in his fourth term as mayor of Burlington. Never before had Sanders actively participated in a Democratic Party nominating contest. And until this year, he hadn’t done so since. But Sanders threw himself into the task of getting Jackson elected with the zeal of a convert, and in the process demonstrated a political dexterity that would later pave the way for his own unorthodox presidential campaign.” — TIM MURPHY

Bernie and I liked Jackson’s ideas and plans for America and were excited. When Jackson didn’t get the Democratic nomination, I decided to follow Jesse’s ideas on voting, too. We, Jesse and I (and I bet Bernie, too) voted for the Democratic nominee. Sadly, we lost–to Reagan– but we lost together. In November with Sanders, I would like to do the same– vote like Sanders, with Bernie Sanders–either way it goes for him. Hopefully, this time, we will not lose.

My mind is made up. I have decided to do what Bernie Sanders will do. Whatever that will be.

Update 7/12:  I believe Bernie will be voting for Hillary.


3 thoughts on “What Would Bernie Sanders Do?

  1. One candidate is a fascist. The other is not a fascist. The others have no chance. Guess which one is the fascist. (Hint: rhymes with rump)

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