Trump All Dixiecrat Now

I think of Trump as the leader of what I call the Neo-Dixiecrat Party of America–poking up out of their current dormancy.  If one were to follow the migration of that particular splinter off the pre-civil rights Democratic Party over the years, one sees their emergence and take over of the Republican Party of today. Establishment GOP has tried a marriage with them since Nixon’s campaign. And itching to be in charge of the whole show, and them not having had a presidential candidate since Storm Thurman, now today, Trump steps up to the podium pied piper to this element in America.

I agree with The New Yorker contributor, Jelani Cobb, as he writes:

Sixty-eight years ago, the public watched a dynamic similar to the Trump-Sanders moment play out as Harry Truman sought the Presidency, an office he had held since Franklin Roosevelt’s death, in 1945…Trump’s brand of populism is cemented in the ideal that he will not be out-Muslimed, out-Latinoed, or out-baited regarding any other signpost of American change. And it’s selling. They are all Dixiecrats now.

Democrats don’t need a Dixiecrat and Republicans don’t need a Dixiecrat. Dems got rid of them in 1948 when they came out against segregation with a civil rights platform. Republicans need to dump them soon. After that, Dixiecrats will have nowhere else to go with any real power.

Donald Trump ain’t nothin’ but a Dixiecrat.


Terry Gresham


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