The Gary Johnson Hornswoggling

I keep hearing from otherwise sane individuals that a vote for Gary Johnson would be a wonderful alternative to a Democratic candidate vote. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but I lean heavily toward that ol New Deal Democratic world view that social security is a good safety net for Americans and that it should not be owned by any private corporation or fly-by-night shady business.

Gary Johnson says,

“We need to get rid of payroll taxes. Look at it from the perspective of employers for a moment. When they want to hire someone, it costs more than just the wage they’re paying. They have to pay payroll taxes, including for Social Security and Medicare. That cost is about 10% of the wages they pay an employee. Remove that burden, and employers will be able to hire 10% more people. With an unemployment rate of 10%, why wouldn’t we jump at this chance? The Fair-tax replaces employment and payroll taxes.”–Gary Johnson

“He does know our taxes come out of our salary, right? We pay social security from our checks, not on top of our checks,” says Christina Owen.  

Gary Johnson says other things but that’s enough for now. Brenda Weber says,

“All of his numbers are wrong. First off, payroll taxes are 15%, split equally between the employer and employee. For every dollar the employer pays the employee pays an equal amount. Those taxes more than pay for social security, Medicare, reducing the burden on employers to provide pensions and health care for retired workers.

Secondly, our unemployment rate is about half what he seems to think it is. Has he even tried to get accurate data before proposing changes in public policy or is he working solely on a “belief” system outside of facts?

Thirdly, there is ZERO evidence that reducing employee expenses leads to higher employment rates or higher wages for employees. If that were the case Wal-Mart would have every single check-out manned at all times and their employees could afford to feed and Medicare themselves rather than requiring billions in taxpayer funds to keep them alive despite working for an employer who is famous for cutting their operating costs to the bone. In fact operating costs as a percentage of profit for corporate entities has been dropping steadily for a century but no corresponding uptick in employment or wages has ever been noticed, save the monstrous increases ownership shares and executive salaries.” –Brenda Weber

You probably know where Gary Johnson is taking us–PRIVATIZATION for the nation. Why any progressive Democrat or Bernie supporter or whomever would vote for any libertarian candidate is wacky– unless they have fallen for the fake revolution the Cato institute calls “a Leninist Strategy.”–a false grass-roots anti-revolution geared to hand over our stuff to big businesses like the Kochs. I don’t like it.


4 thoughts on “The Gary Johnson Hornswoggling

  1. And even if removing payroll taxes does somehow guarantee that everyone willing to work can have a good paying job, it also means that as soon as someone is too old to work, they have no income and no health insurance.

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