85 and Remembering the Third Reich

Tonight while at work, I met a lady who was 86 years old and she had been here in America since 1950. She was from Germany and remembered living under the third Reich. She remembers the political ideology of Nazi Germany very well. It was her entire childhood. She began to talk about the current election cycle and expressed a genuine fear for what she is seeing in this country.

I asked her about Donald Trump.

With fear in her eyes, she began speaking of World War II. She began speaking about her family going off to fight in the war against the Soviets. She has seen totalitarian regimes up close and personal and left Europe as a young woman to get away from them. When she began to speak about Donald Trump, she spoke from a voice of experience. She spoke about how dangerous he is and how if he was elected president that she would go back to Germany to escape the world he would bring us into.

It is one thing for us to simply make the comparison of him to a young Adolf Hitler, but for it to come from a true voice of experience is a completely different thing. When he says he would murder the families of the enemies of the state, it is very telling. When he wants to build a wall across our border to protect America from people coming into this country it is even more telling. When he speaks on increased monitoring for Muslims just because of their faith, it shows you the kind of man we are dealing with. When he speaks of committing war crimes and rounding up people without their constitutional rights and holding them, it shows you where we are as a nation. When we throw away all of our rights for security from perceived threats and develop an us vs. them mentality, that is exactly what the UN defines as the first steps towards genocide.

We are living in very dangerous times.

This is not a post telling you who to vote for, but this is a plea for people to look closer at the language being used by those that seek power. I’ve made that very same claim about Donald Trump before. Dangerous men play off of fear. Do not let yourself be captivated by claims of making America great again.

Dillon Gunter


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