November Prediction for Oklahoma

Trump will win Oklahoma–sadly enough. However, he will lose the race overall. Oklahoma is Trump safe zone. That being said, the state is on the verge of becoming a GOP dictatorship with a proposed bill in the state legislature dealing with the election of our judiciary. If that were to go through, Fallin would be in charge of the governor’s office, the legislature, and the judiciary. That’s still in the works.

However, in Nov. some of the State questions on the ballot in Oklahoma are the real totalitarian things of nightmares, if passed I hope they will be challenged and thwarted. If the judiciary thing were to go through next year or sometime in the future, conceivably, there would be no great decent way to challenge them in the future.

That leads us to State elections, there are the seats we have to fill. Hopefully, we will fill them with sane people who love Oklahoma. Adding good people to Oklahoma seats will help in a big way. Anyway, rest assured that Trump will not be the next president of the United States. I just wish we all could get together to challenge the GOP and the Libertarian party in Oklahoma in a better way.



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