Mental health law for Oklahoma


The Labor Commissioner Mark Costello Act has been signed into law by Governor Fallin. It is named after the late labor commissioner whose son is accused of killing him in a Braum’s parking lot last August. The son has a history of mental illness.

The law is supposed to help families who have family members suffering from mental illness who refuse treatment. The power to do this will be through both the medical and legal professions.

Before I opened the full news story I was hopeful this law would be a positive addition to Oklahoma’s mental health reform. Now I’m not so sure. Not wanting to undermine the extent of the tragedy, but the idea of forcing people to take their medication is a difficult one. We always seem to forcing people to do something in Oklahoma!

I hope other people provide some feedback about the bill and this issue.

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2 thoughts on “Mental health law for Oklahoma

  1. The idea of forcing people to do something becomes much less shocking once you remember that we force people to drive sober, wear seatbelts, force kids to go school, and so on.

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