SQ 777. Oklahoma

In spite of the best spin on SQ 777, the supporters are being dishonest with the citizen. They won’t own the fact that this is a piece of legislation that was given life in the bowels of ALEC just like the Right to Hunt, the Right to Work and any similarly titled measures. Ignoring the obvious fact that the arguments in support of the deception are aimed to explain away the most salient points for defeating it – SQ 777 is not a ‘local’ or ‘home grown’ piece of legislation.
The power behind all of these measures is ‘corporatism.’ The Right to Work has been exposed as an employer friendly deception, sold to the voter as a protection for workers rights. Those rights include the employer’s right to pay less, cut benefits, and terminate a worker at will. Tied to it are the so-called ‘Worker Compensation’ reforms that have subsequently been enacted which make it more difficult for a worker to return to their job following a work-related injury.
SQ 777 proponents like to point to existing laws, both at the state level and the municipal level and say that any rule or regulation on the book, year ending 2014 will not be affected. What they deftly ignore is the issue of a Constitutional Amendment that effectively neuters state legislators from having any regulatory authority going forward.
Quite simply it tips the balance of control away from the state of Oklahoma and gives it to entities such as the Farm Bureau, and corporate Agriculture Businesses. To a certain degree, it is the age old scenario of the Tail Wagging the Dog.
The real issue is Corporatization or in the parlance of those who prefer it – ‘Privatization.’ Removing a function from the arena of public control or representative regulation and moving it into a Board Room and into the hands of Special Interests. This, my friend, is the goal of the Conservative Movement. It is the mission of ‘think tanks’ like The Heritage Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). It is no accident, nor is it a coincidence, that similar measures are being pushed in other States. The redder the state the more it is vulnerable to outside influence and control. The concerted mission, and do not think it is not both concerted and a mission, of the Extreme Right Conservative Movement, is to take away from state governments the regulatory and self-governing functions of Democracy.
ALEC, in particular, includes in many of its model legislative measures the weakening of the judiciary branches of government. The desire to eliminate one of the three founding pillars of our system of governance. They either promote stacking the court with corporation friendly judges or amending state constitutions of governance in ways that render the courts impotent.
What is at stake is the future shape and function of government in the US.
The good people of Germany didn’t see the damage being done in the country because it was like a dripping faucet. Just little drips, until what had been a reserve of individual freedoms and rights had been stolen away from them. Like a thief in the night.


Don Nelson


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