Oklahoma Republicrats Still Control Party

Oklahoma Democratic leaders will tell candidates to act Republican if they want to wiggle into office.  They speak about the sharp differences between the two parties in the next breath. They missed something. They missed, as we witnessed with the Bernie Sanders campaign, that those Republicratic ideas were (and are) ridiculous.  Oklahomans will vote for Republicrats but not in enough numbers, as found out in the abysmal November turnout.  That’s a problem for Democrats as they were the losers in a fight that should not have been lost. Soon they must realize that until coalitions are formed—coalitions with Green Partiers, Progressives, Independents, Socialist and other voters with the same goals–they will not see much change in Oklahoma. Until they work to form these coalitions, it will be futile. If, indeed, what they want to see is change.

The State is into multiparties: Republican, Democratic, Libertarian parties, and a whole lot of Independents. The Oklahoma conservative voting block is huge and Democrats alone are not a force big enough to stop that wave. Putting a Democrat in a State office is a surprise, not the expected. Progressives? They’re all haywire ’round here. If one looks at places that have multiple parties like in the Philipines, who have more than three, no one party wins without working with other parties. Here, Oklahoma democrats want to turn everybody Democrat but many Oklahomans who share the same ideology will spit at even the thought of the word Democrat. Back to the Philipines. Sadly, Durante, the Philippine’s Donald Trump, won with the conservative coalition there simply because their conservatives coalitions were stronger. Likewise, Trump won Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State legislature filled up again with Republicans, and the Governor remains, you know, Mary Fallen and another mary Fallin may take her place, simply because here the left has no hope of coming together.

The center and the left must come together.

Think of how differently the 2016 election would have been if the runner-up in the Democratic nomination race had become the VP. The momentum was there. One bunch of Democrats saw Sanders as a false Democrat. Too bad those were the Democratic (No Way, We’re Republicrats and Not Going to Budge) Party leaders. Yet the heart of the nation along with Oklahoma’s heart was somewhere else. Not much went on to retain or bring more of the Sanders voters in after the nomination. In a real way, they were shut out. True, those voters were not traditional Democrat voters but they would have voted for a progressive candidate in a hurry. As it turned out, a large block of voters dropped out. They sure as hell were not going to vote just for the D- Party just because it was the D-Party. In the general election, the Democrats ditched what could have been their 2016 base in order to champion a Reagan Democrat. Without a progressive name on the ballot to check along with it, history wrote a different story for Oklahoma and the rest of the Nation. Democratic Party leaders wanted a candidate that appeared Republican. They lost since that wasn’t what the voters wanted.

Terry Gresham


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