Oklahoma History and 45’s Immigrantion Solution

I’m a little astounded that so many Oklahomans have forgotten their own history as regards immigration.

During the Dust Bowl, hand bills began to appear, offering work in the fields and groves of California, at $25 a day, a relative fortune to a working man. Many of them sold their land at pennies on the dollar, packed up what they had and headed west.

What they had no way of knowing was that the wealthy land owners in the Central Valley had sent out bushels of these handbills throughout the Midwest and southwestern U. S. , and that when their quota of workers filled up, they called their friends in the state Capitol, and troopers waited at the state line to turn those workers away.

Think about it. A state in the Union turning away United States citizens under law. They had made that long journey for nothing, and had to face crossing the brutal desert again to make it back to a home that no longer existed. Highway 66 is littered with the bones of people who died in route.

Perhaps a closer knowledge of the past would elicit some compassion in their descendants, who are so cavalier about 45’s solution to the migrant issue.

They want you stupid for a reason. Wake up.

Phillip William Brock


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