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Striking a Deal with Democrats

Striking a deal with Democrats? How’s that work? They are of course the minority party in Congress

brown and black crater
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these days. And what does making a deal with the devil and Daniel Webster get the guy with the projectile eyebrows? Not much favor from the ruling party I would glean. But the Democrats would seem to be the winners in this deal, with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell sucking hind you know what.

And of course, such a deal doesn’t help Paul Ryan keep his leadership position as there are already stirrings amidst his henchpeople at discord among the daisies. Could there be a rebellion brewing on capitol hill? The freedom caucus is eyeing taking away Paul’s seat as Speaker. Easier said than done of course but as long as there is dissension among the ranks of rank conservatives anything is possible.

Meanwhile back in the jungle that these days pass for the West Wing of the Whitehouse the discord among the once faithful followers of the guy with the projectile eyebrows is also in total disarray. But anyone can figure that one out. Kelly the General now in charge is having a definite effect upon the minions and there is likely to be more heads rolling about before he is through.

But a cleansing of the alt-right wing in the West Wing may not be enough to save this presidency or the guy with the projectile eyebrows and making deals with the oft tweeted hated Democrats can’t work well for anyone saves the off tweeted hated Democrats.

Cozying up to Schumer and Pelosi won’t necessarily get him love from his base either. Although it would appear that his base is so debased as to not care one way or the other. He hasn’t kept a single promise to them yet and still, they offer undying love to the guy with the projectile eyebrows. Come go down the rabbit hole with Alice and the Mad Hatter. After all, it’s not about doing anything for his base it’s all about Eve, or the guy with the projectile eyebrows!

Bob Bearden

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