The GOPeers have a huge dilemma on their hands in Roy Moore. Alabama GOP are adamant in that they will not back away from Moore and they don’t give a tinker’s damn whether he is guilty or not. And the polls though close still have him over all ahead of the democratic candidate Gary Jones.

The GOPeers in congress have all put distance between themselves and Moore to no avail. The Whitehouse can’t say anything for a couple of reasons. One the trumpster was guilty of basically the same thing and got away with it. And two Roy Moore’s base is the trumpster’s base so the trump guy ain’t gonna do anything that will upset his base.
McConnell who led the expulsion of Packwood from the Senate over sexual misconduct allegations back in the 90s has a dilemma also he’s got to drop a dime on Moore or he will look foolish, and he would prefer that they do a write in, with Sessions who is having none of it. So that leaves the GOPeers ethically challenged on many levels.
Where will that lead? Likely they will hold their noses and seat the sexual predator of teens because that is who the GOP is these days. Not only are they ethically challenged they are morally rotten to the core and have no creds anymore on how to govern because they have no integrity with which they can govern, having uttered the world no one to many times over the past 8 years.

So desperate to pass something even a tax reform bill that stinks to high heaven they will hold their noses and genuflect and procrastinate and welcome Roy Moore with open arms into the senate.

After all they did the same thing with the trumpster and look where we are now. When you are willing to lay down with sexual predators then you have no claim to being morally or ethically superior. They have sold their souls to the highest bidder. Ole Scratch now owns the Republican Party lock, stock and teardrop.

They have no shame!
Bob Bearden