Heather Holland, Age Thirty Eight, Mother of Two, Passed Away in the Last Few Days Due to the Flu

20141129_132658Just finished reading the local paper. Heather Holland, age thirty eight, mother of two, passed away in the last few days due to the flu. She was a second grade teacher in Weatherford, Texas. She had medical coverage. The co-pay for a prescription to combat the virus came to $116. One hundred sixteen dollars doesn’t seem like much to those who live a life free from the little financial worries.

Unfortunate that so many more in the United States just hang on and get by a month at a time. Her husband found that she put off getting the prescription because it would be enough to strap them for this month. He insisted the prescription was important and purchased it, but it became too late.

Everything that has gone wrong in this country leads up to one more death but I wonder just how many Americans die each year simply because their income has not kept up. Homes have burned down with the occupants in the middle of Winter. Fire investigation found that the dead were using alternative means to heat their homes. They could not afford the cost for the utility. I read of them as well as other stories almost daily. These are not those on poverty rolls but Americans who had jobs. How many have seen reports of stagnant wages? Who has seen their mortgage triple over the years, not because of the mortgage, but because of the cost to insure? Who has health insurance coverage but are reluctant to use it, because of the family budget? We are in a country where the comfortable, the selfish, or just the misinformed aren’t aware they have voted representatives into Congress who work well into the night to reduce Federal services and and it’s ability to protect, across the board?

The last eight years of revenue expansion could have been used to push for a real national health program free of Health Insurance providers. Costs would go down and proper medical attention would expand. Not contract. Those in control kick the can down the road knowing full well that Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security; all need to be expanded. Pick any study you wish. Employers across the country are ridding themselves of pensions for their employees. Those with contracts calling for it have to fight tooth and nail to keep them. This recently passed Tax Scam should have had a provision to raise the Minimum Wage, but of course it didn’t.

Heather Holland was just a microcosm of what has gone terribly wrong with our country. Thank You, if you wish to share.


Dennis Miller


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