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Everyone is welcome to come on down to our little Facebook group page: Lawton/Ft Sill Progressives. This is a gathering where people with liberal and/or prog world views can network and share. WELCOME!

There’s a bunch of us on a FB group page: Lawton/Ft Sill Progressives.

What you see on this site is us spilling over on to WordPress. These are some of the things we post there so this is a group thing here too.   And, we do have a few Libertarians and Tea Party members on the group page which makes things a bit “fun” at times.

With all this in mind, you really don’t have to be from Lawton or Fort Sill, Oklahoma,  to hang out with us.  This Okie Progressives wordpress thing is put together from the folks on that Lawton/Fort Sill Facebook page. So if you like (or hate) anything about Okie Progressive blog you can find the folks responsible right there (here) on Facebook everyday.  Some of us are there way too much, including me.

So see yall there,

Lawton/Ft Sill Progressives

Terry Gresham


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Howdy, Arlen Grossman. Good to meet you. Love reading your blog. Thanks for the blog roll. Once I figure out how to do a blog roll, you will be there.

  2. Thank you. Actually, a blogroll isn’t hard at all (although I had to be taught how to do it 🙂 On your Dashboard, go to “Links,” then “add new.” Fill in the blog name, web address, and description, and hit “add link.” At least that’s how it works for me. Good luck.

  3. Floridian here . . . in ’08, my county, the reddest of the red, almost went for Obama. The difference was 218 votes. We progressives are hiding everywhere!

    And thanks for the ‘like’ okie. (Okies?)

  4. Great to know there are progressives. Spent time in your state a few decades back in the service of my country. At that time, Oklahomans and progressive were an oxymoron. Not a FB member, so will have to settle for WP.

    1. I love the wellbeefile site. Sounds like you folks are cool so I have now begun to share the thing on a few facebook sites. I’m glad you showed me the link. As for this Okieprogressive wordpress page, I do like to re-post stuff from other folks on WordPress and I do try to link to great stuff that I run across from all over. Matt, this is the first time anyone has offered to contribute. I had to seek out even the folks that contribute already and without too much begging and arm twistin’they agreed to work for kudos. We are a band of ranters and this is what you get. Having someone offer to contribute is nice. It makes me happy over here in Comanche County, Ok. What did you have in mind? Would love having more contributors.

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