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Planned Parenthood: Success, Not Abortion

It’s not entirely about abortion; mostly due to something else. Planned Parenthood is being targeted by the right mainly due to their success in helping candidates win who are, basically, not evil candidates– like Tammy Baldwin (D) of Wisconsin and … Continue reading

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Did You Know That Dominionists have VERY WEIRD Teachings

How many will agree that Catholics, Jews, and many other Christian religions should join the Dominionist religion or one of its affiliates or be arrested, have their money taken, and be jailed or killed? What’s that you say? Not you, … Continue reading

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On the Proposal to Abolish Marriage in Oklahoma

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God Guides History Channel

Doris Lynn Crouse Gent I call BS !…I claim they are reaching in, stochastic terrorism….These people are terribly misguided, and extremely Dangerous to society ! !!!!…And the totally Piss Me Off !!!! “God guided the hand of the makeup artist … Continue reading

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What DID Jesus Say?

by Doris Lynn Crouse Gent . What does the Bible say about “religion”? (of course keep in mind …the Bible was written by Man)…(as too, Religion is man made) I personally think for myself and believe I am My Own Salvation, … Continue reading

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