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Sing it: “I Want My Country Back”

David Ippolito “That Guitar Man” debuted a new Tea Party anthem… “I Want My Country Back”. (NYC 2014) Now available on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/mmbggl8 (Possibility Junkie Music LLC) Related articles MUST SEE! This ‘Tea Party Anthem’ Is Hilarious… And Depressingly True (Video) … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty with Rosa Parks

Now some dodo who is running for congress from Illinois is trying to equate Duck Dynasty Nasty with Rosa Parks. Give me a break that is about the most asinine comparison that could ever be made. To me it would … Continue reading

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Class Warfare — Who’s Winning

  January 28, 2012. Between 1979 and 2007 (two peak business-cycle years) incomes in the US became more unequal. A typical family in the bottom 20% gained about $1,800 per year over those 28 years, while a family in the top … Continue reading

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Why Do Left and Right Extremists Both Hate Obama? Z-Facts

  Why Do Left and Right Extremists Both Hate Obama?. Left extremists say “Obama is a Republican” and they hate him. Google that phrase and find 5.7 M (million) web pages. Right extremist say “Obama is a Muslim” (6 M), … Continue reading

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Health Care Website Starting to Work

Health Care Website Starting to Work but if you listened to faux news or some of the right wing pundits you would hardly know that. They seem determined to undermind everything about the Affordable Health Care Act and when you look … Continue reading

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That Mary Fallen is on the wrong side of history is true

Oklahoma unceremoniously made the rounds of news and comedy programs this week with our governor Mary Fallin’s announcement that rather than comply with the Department of Defense directive on the processing of benefits for same-sex couples she would defy the … Continue reading

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Watch it: The Billionaires’ Tea Party

The Billionaires Tea Party – The Tea Party movement has taken American politics by storm. But is this truly a populist uprising or one of the greatest feats of propaganda ever seen? Seeking to find out, Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham … Continue reading

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