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Class Warfare — Who’s Winning

  January 28, 2012. Between 1979 and 2007 (two peak business-cycle years) incomes in the US became more unequal. A typical family in the bottom 20% gained about $1,800 per year over those 28 years, while a family in the top … Continue reading

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Republican Rep. Cole Voted for the Shutdown

Eldon McMath Get the word out. Our Republican Rep. Cole voted for the shutdown and when ask by the press how it went he said great. We have a lot of people here at Ft. Sill that may be affected … Continue reading

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Obamacare Turns The GOP Against Tax Breaks For The Middle Class

Obamacare Turns The GOP Against Tax Breaks For The Middle Class. “This is why today’s Republicans can’t admit the real reason why they oppose Obamacare: The middle-class tax breaks in Obamacare are paid for almost entirely by taxes on the … Continue reading

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