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Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Time has Come

Bob Murl Bearden As we move nearer to the Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) more and more states are approving the rights of gays and lesbians to enter into same-sex marriage. It is an issue … Continue reading

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Republicans Not Wanting to do Right

by Bob Murl Bearden Not wanting to do the right thing, the republicans in the senate blinked again and telegraphed their allegiance to the National Rifle Association. Despite a bi-partisan bill on national background checks they again let 90 percent … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice: OKC Capitol

Pink Wave 2013 is an opportunity to advocate for reproductive justice, broadly conceived. Reproductive justice includes support for family friendly policies and safe communities with access to sexual education, contraceptives and reproductive healthcare. It supports the right to have or … Continue reading

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Support the Rights of Women and of the LGBTQA Community

by Teri McGrath To our reps and our senators: We’re sending this message to let you know that your constituents support the rights of women and of the LGBTQA community in your district. Our numbers are growing, and we are … Continue reading

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Debate Over Gun Control

by Bob Murl Bearden The republicans have had their way again. The debate over gun control versus the second amendment continues. The party of Lincoln now appears to be a solely owned subsidiary of the National Rifle Association an entity … Continue reading

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Gun Legislation Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe

By Bob Murl Bearden The president along with a non-partisan coalition from Sandy Hook Elementary School took their concerns on the road to lobby congress to pass sane and sensible legislation on restricting access to guns in the nation. They … Continue reading

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Supreme Court. DOMA. Prop 8.

by Bob Murl Bearden As the Supreme Court hears arguments and ponders whether or not to make a decision on DOMA and or Prop 8, people are weighing in all over the spectrum concerning whether or not gays and lesbians … Continue reading

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