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Class Warfare — Who’s Winning

  January 28, 2012. Between 1979 and 2007 (two peak business-cycle years) incomes in the US became more unequal. A typical family in the bottom 20% gained about $1,800 per year over those 28 years, while a family in the top … Continue reading

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Libertarian  Z-facts The premier libertarian think tank, the Cato Institute, was  founded by the Koch brothers, and David Koch ran as the vice presidential candidate against Reagan in 1980. Libertarian positions at the time included: Abolish public schools, welfare, and Social Security … Continue reading

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I Come to Praise Government, Not to Bury it!.

It never ceases to amaze me that we somehow keep electing people to public office that hate our government and all that it stands for. They seem to know almost nothing about the history of our nation, our founders or … Continue reading

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Think I’ll Give This Libertarian Thing a Try. We’ll See How it Goes.

All right, Social Security has been going since 1937, August 14–a Leo, just like me.  It’s been pretty successful. What the heck, think I’ll give this Libertarian thing a try.   Here goes: Cato “The final element of the strategy must be … Continue reading

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Social Security and Medicare Programs Needed Relevant and Necessary

Bob Murl Bearden Social Security and Medicare are programs that are needed relevant and necessary! The economy is slowing repairing itself but we still have those on the right who want to deep-six any social safety net that would protect … Continue reading

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