When a Candidate for Office, like Democrat Juan Rodriguez, Uses the Term “Pro-life”

When a candidate for office, like Democrat Juan Rodriguez, uses the term “pro-life” to define himself, here is what he is saying: He’s saying, “Unlike other Democrats, who want babies to die, I want them to live.” That’s the exact statement he’s making. What he’s also saying is that he knows absolutely nothing about reproductive rights issues in this state and nation, Whatever bullshit he does think he knows he has learned from some other men just as stupid as him. He believes that voters are equally ignorant and he thinks that just labeling himself as “pro-life” will get him points with “moderate” democrats. He doesn’t even know what it means. He hasn’t thought for a minute about what it means in anyway, not in what it literally means, not in the rhetorical situation is creates, not in the groups he is associating himself with and the crimes they have committed against women and the pain and suffering they have caused.

He thinks it’s moderate to declare himself “pro-life.” I suppose he believes extremists stand up for the right of a woman to not be raped by her government. You see? The people he is insulting with his “pro-life” bullshit–the people he is labeling as murderers are literally nothing to him. I’m not exaggerating. I have looked at this man. No one can see me and not understand how deeply and personally HURT I am by his use of this one fucking word. He does NOT care. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t feel bad as a politician or as a human being. I am a non-person to him. And if you have a vagina, so are you. He looked in my eyes. Then he looked over my head. He said, “This is Oklahoma.”

I bet he has no idea of the kind of attacks women have been subject to because of the idiocy he’s buying into. With his insistence on INSULTING us with his “pro-life” branding. the consequences of electing stupid politicians who label themselves as pro-life in an effort to gain the support of people and organizations who lobby for laws that will shame, punish, torture and oppress women. It’s likely he has not thought at all about those laws that he will mindlessly vote for, like Randy Bass and Joe Dorman have, and many other Democrats. Like them, he knows that the idiotic anti-abortion laws he’ll vote for will be defeated in the Supreme Court at tax-payers expense. That’s the beauty of it. He will gladly participate in a political theater that will show how pro-life and pro-Jesus he is without ever having to take responsibility for the terrible consequences of those laws–because THEY KNOW those laws will be challenged and defeated in court. SEE? They use our human rights–the human rights of women in the State of Oklahoma as nothing more than a theatrical flourish–branding. You know how some cans of Tuna say they are Dolphin Friendly so that people will buy them. This is like that except instead of dolphins it’s women and instead of “friendly,” it is pure disdain. And instead of Tuna, what you’re buying is a spineless, useless, scumbag of a politician who would step on a woman’s throat if it means making his contributors happy.

That’s what he’s saying when he says he’s “pro-life.” I don’t think he knows that. I keep trying to explain it to him, but I can’t do it without yelling at him, and he won’t listen anyway. Maybe someone else can tell him. He doesn’t have to use that word. He doesn’t have to invite that conversation that he is clearly intellectually unprepared to carry out. He can just SHUT THE FUCK UP about his goddamned stupid non-ideas about abortions, and that would be enough to at least make me not want to vomit every time I see his stupid signs.

I would not vote for this man. I would not vote for any man or woman who proudly wears a “pro-life” label. Never. There is nothing about him that is good or useful enough to cause me to cast vote for a person who promises to absolutely thoughtlessly vote away my basic human rights. And that IS what will happen. Some moron will come up with another personhood atrocity and he will vote for it. He’ll do so knowing that he’ll face the anger of people like me. He doesn’t care. I am less than human to him. I am nothing to him. None of us are. Don’t kid yourself about that, women friends. You are shit to this man.

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On Being a Liberal

Yes, I am a liberal and no liberal is not a dirty word. I am in good company. Most of our founding fathers fit perfectly into that category. Our nation was founded as the most socially liberal nation the world had ever seen and it still is despite what a lot of crazy goony people the like of Michelle Bachman, Louis Gohmert, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh et al are fond of expounding upon over and over and over.

Notions of freedom of speech came from liberal minds. Ideas about the general welfare came from liberal minds. The conservatives at the outset of the American Revolution wanted no part of a new country they wanedt to find a way to reach an accommodation with England that would essentially continue the status quo. They didn’t want to give all of our citizens freedom of speech, the right to bear arms (yes that too was a liberal idea go figure how that’s been bent out of its original shape), the freedom to worship the religion of one’s choice.

The idea of the constitution and the Bill of Rights that would follow were all ideas from the radically subversive minds of liberal thinkers. Conservatives of the day if they had, had their way we would still be a commonwealth of the British Empire not a free and independent nation.

And we became a bastion of liberal thinkers a long line of them, in fact. A line that has continued unbroken for over two hundred and thirty-seven years. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, the Kennedys, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. All, along with a lot of other champions of liberal thought, like Benjamin Franklin, Henry David Theoreau, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Margaret Sanger, Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones), Samuel Gompers, Fredrick Douglas, A Phillip Randolph, Will Rogers, Harry Truman and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. just to drop the names of a few of our many liberal thinkers.

Liberals have been behind every innovation and progressive idea that have been responsible for moving our nation forward since its inception. Am a liberal? You damn straight I am and proud of it and I will not hide in a corner and call myself anything else because I know I am in very good company and I always have been.

Yes liberals built this nation nurtured it and kept it strong. If we had left our nation’s fortune to the conservatives we wouldn’t be calling ourselves the United States of America. We are proud and free and all because a handful of liberal thinkers believed they could change the course of history!

Liberalism celebrate it, it is what has made us the greatest nation on earth!

Bob Bearden

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No Surprise: Ayn Rand-Themed Libertarian Utopia a Fraud

The theme of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” according to Ms. Rand herself, “what happens to the world when the Prime Movers go on strike.” Those prime movers are corporate executives – “the motor of the world” – and Rand imagines what would happen if they all just went away. To Rand this is nothing less than “a picture of the world with its motor cut off.”  Read more No Surprise: Ayn Rand-Themed Libertarian Utopia a Fraud.

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“Everything Poisons Religion”

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That’s the lesson Ferdinand Mount draws from Karen Armstrong’s Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence, citing her claim that every major faith tradition “has tracked the political entity in which it arose; none has become a ‘world religion’ without the patronage of a militarily powerful empire and every tradition would have to develop an imperial ideology”:

The conversion of Constantine also meant the conscription of Christianity. It was not long before Augustine of Hippo was developing the convenient theory of the ‘just war’. Similarly the ahadith, the later reports of the Prophet’s sayings, confer a spiritual dimension on warfare which it doesn’t have in the Koran. Militant Sikhs today prefer to quote the martial teachings of the Tenth Guru rather than those of their founder Guru Nanak, who taught that only ‘he who regards all men as equals is religious’.

Christopher Hitchens had it the…

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If You Believe in Peace

We live in a violent world. A world filled with hate, greed and avarice. A world filled with many different kinds of religions of which the big three each of which essentially profess to worship the same God which may or may not be the only God all three religions tend to be somewhat vague on that issue. These three religions are forever at odds with each other and have been pretty much at odds with each other, since the dawn of religion.

They are all connected in some form or fashion to a man who is universally known and accepted as ‘The Prince of Peace’. But to cop a line from Patrick Henry’s famous speech, there is no peace when it comes to belief of and about ‘The Prince of Peace’. It is to my mind a world gone mad that makes absolutely no sense at all.

If you believe in peace (and the big three all do, or at least profess to) then why wouldn’t it make sense to seek peace and not war? Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace taught and preached a doctrine of peace, love, compassion and hope. He did not exclude anyone from that mantra. And yet each religion who revere him in one way or another seldom follow his teachings of peace, love, compassion and hope.

Every since the dawn of time human kind has been at war with one another. Peace has been an illusion, something that is professed but seldom put into practice as a way to live. It is said we cannot live by bread alone. That’s true we also need water and air to live. But why do we need war? Oh yeah so we can go out and kill those people over on that ice floe who don’t agree with us, who don’t look like us and who seem to be inferior to us even though we sprang from the same place.

We kill people in the name of our God which for many religions is the same God. We kill people because they don’t worship the way we believe they should and we go into our sacred houses of worship and pray for peace, seek peace and profess to believe in peace.

It’s just that we don’t believe that those other fellows over on that ice floe actually believe like us and therefore that makes them in need of a whooping to straighten out their minds and put them on the fast track to paradise and proper belief. Except it doesn’t work and it never has. We can’t force religion down the throat of others either by forcing them to believe like we do or by murdering half of their population in order to make sure they get rid of all of those heathen ideas and worship our God which is of course the true God and may be the only God.

On the subject of the only God no religion is confidently sure of themselves nor can they conclusively prove that there is beyond a shadow of a doubt just one God. It requires faith. Faith that often defies all reason but if you don’t have it then you ain’t a true believer and you are suspect on so many levels as to perhaps be, in the terms of the old Hank Williams Jr song, in desperate need of an ‘attitude adjustment’.

And boy do we have the weapons and the army to enforce one upon on you. We’ll show you just how faith is supposed to work whether you accept it or not or whether you believe it or not. Just stand back Starbuck is gonna make it rain. Not water but bullets. And after a long hail of bullets you will have faith.

I am not a cynic. I am not an atheist nor an agnostic. I believe in a supreme being but with a lot of reservations not always shared by everyone who worship in the same religion as I do – that would be Christianity. But I do believe in the teachings of Jesus. I also believe in the teachings of Mohammed. I believe in the teachings of Gandhi. I believe in the spiritual religion of my Native American ancestors. I believe in the teaching of Dr. Martin Luther King. All of these men believe essentially in the same God as I also do. I believe they are all connected in some way!

But when I begin to think about my God I never see Her (and yes I am a heretic in that I see my God as a woman for many reasons mostly because having been raised by a woman I have come to the belief that women are smarter in almost all things than men) as a mean vengeful God. A God who hates. A God who expects abject allegiance on every idea or subject.

I see my God as something or someone (I’m not real clear on that point) who expects me to think for myself (which I do). Who does not hate. Who does not believe that killing others over religious differences or for that matter any differences makes this world we live in a better world. I see my God as someone who has compassion for everyone. Who cares about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and who believes all of that can be accomplished without killing another human being.

In today’s world that seems to leave me at odds many people who profess to believe in the same God as I do but who believes that there are those, you know like those people over there on that ice floe who are children of a lessor God and who deserves to either be punished for their lack of faith in the one and only God or at the very least need to have an ‘attitude adjustment’ to help them have the faith they seem to lack.

I don’t believe that way. Call me a non-believer or whatever you will. My God isn’t a killer and She isn’t steeped in the romance of a religion that teaches peace and yet condones killing in Her name. My God doesn’t see things that way and neither do I.

Bob Bearden

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Jesus Christians vs Constantine Christians

imagesI make a distinction between Jesus Christians (religious) and Constantine Christians (non-religious/nationalistic)

I do.

For so long many have blamed religion for much of the problems in the world–for horrific acts committed in our own time and throughout history.  But what if it is not religion?  What if it is not that simple?

Regarding the recent killings in Moore, Oklahoma, my friend, Gary says this:

“I’ve already seen comments such as, “Time to round ‘em all up”, suggesting that all Muslims should be rounded up. Rounded up and then what? Kill them all?”

Half my family are Muslim. I have to think about this. They don’t kill people. Having known them, I seriously doubt that this fellow in Moore was religious. There’s got to be some other word for that. If he was religious, he would not kill others.  Religious folks don’t kill others for being fired from a job, crazy people do. Didn’t Jesus say something similar to that? If so, then Jesus and I sometimes think alike.

“Just watched Disney’s ABC This Week. Interesting report aboard an aircraft carrier attacking isis, and blink an eye they bring this up. Don’t mention anything about his prison or mental health, just a Muslim cut someone’s head off. Authorities trying to determine if it was a disgruntled employee or something bigger. Then more reporting on the threat to us all.
No more news shows today. Going outside or watching football, but no more of this be afraid so we can save you while you go shopping crap.” –Daniel

Jesus, the martyr, would not kill others. Constantine, well, you know that story–he was a Roman Emperor that probably would have loved to kill as many people as would oppose him. If Constantine had been a live Roman while Jesus was incarcerated, he probably would have enjoyed the killing of Jesus, too.

This has to stop.

“I think our culture teaches us to fear black men and Muslims. This story has it all. They even get to use the word “beheading.”  He didn’t kill them because of Islam. His religion has nothing to do with it, and using this incident to slander an enormous religious community is bigotry.” –Teri.

1697constantine_00000001040Martyrs vs killers. Religious folks vs something else.  Obviously, I am coming at this topic as a boy raised Southern Baptist. I tend to like the teachings of Jesus like when he says love others as you would love yourself. Hold that thought. That’s one of those religious ideas. The Islamic folks in my family think this as well. So, there must be something else: not Christianity, not Islam, not whatever that makes one person kill another. It’s that something else that we have to find and do away with. Right now, I am calling it Constantine–Constantine Christianity, Constantine Islam, Constantine whatever. That’s what needs to be gone.

I like religious folks. It’s the pseudo-religious that bother me–the hijackers.

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Moore Woman Beheaded by Man Fired from Workplace

The local headlines and news feeds are screaming “Moore Woman Beheaded By A Muslim” and of course before we know any of the facts of what happened more than just what the police have announced so far. That the man was fired from his workplace and told to leave but came back in attacked two co-workers killing one by apparently beheading her and attempting to kill another before he was shot and subdued by an off duty policeman who just happened to own the company.

Police have said that so far they have no information linking this man to any terrorist organization and so far the only thing they have said about him being a Muslim is from something he is alleged to have said and other co-workers comments saying he had tried to talk them into converting to the Muslim faith.

No rush to judgment here by anybody but those who hate Muslims, at least at this point. This is a very tragic event now already being inferred by local media (in my opinion to sensationalize it and get their 5 minutes of fame before ISIS is gone for good) into being some kind of terrorist plot or terrorist cell operating in the Heartland when there is absolutely nothing at this point to suggest anything of the sort.

And do you notice rather than focusing on the tragedy of an innocent woman being horribly murdered they don’t give a damn about her or her injured co-worker, no it’s about a guy whom we don’t even know at this point if he really was a Muslim or if he was anything more than what appears on the surface just another disgruntled worker who was fired taking his revenge out on co-workers. Let’s cool it and wait for Hollywood to develop any possible sinister plots.

What really amazes me is our local media is ignoring the tragedy and co-opting for a religious slant. Why is it we never see such a slant in other heinous crimes committed by people who profess to be Christians? When the doctor was murdered in his church in Wichita Kansas because of his activities on behalf of women and their health issues. Headlines didn’t cry out Christian Doctor Murdered By a Christian.

First of all the facts need to come out as to exactly what happened and why this man did what he did. His religion may or may not have played a role in the crime he committed but even if it did you can’t condemn all people of what may be his professed religion on the basis of his heinous act. If we do that then we as Christians are in big trouble because crooks professing to be Christians have committed a lot of heinous acts on their fellow citizens and if we condemn the Christian faith that they profess follow then that makes us all guilty.

And when we start to set blame on someone who follows a certain religion and blame everyone in that religion then that makes all of the terrible acts committed by the KKK against African Americans to rest squarely on the heads of Christians because the KKK claimed to be a Christian organization and actually prayed to Christ before they went out bent on killing raping and doing their heinous deeds.

No religion is free of its misguided zealots and that includes Christians!

Bob Bearden

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