Ever Wonder What the Word “Illegal” Actually Means?

Ever wonder what the word “illegal” actually means? Try substituting the word “Invisible” and you will begin to understand a few of today’s labor issues. There’s lots of bosses out there that want invisible labor.

Invisible: concealed from public view.

Invisible means you can work them and pay close to nothing and not pay employment tax, provide no safe working standards, pay no work comp, save on all other things you have to give US workers. On top of these benefits invisibles bring to the work site, you don’t have to hire US workers. The instant you make “illegal” workers visible you make history.

I’m not making this stuff up. Here’s what James Hirby, Tulane University Law School, says:

“Illegal immigration doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A company that doesn’t want to pay taxes on its workers’ pay, doesn’t want to pay them the minimum wage, and thinks it can avoid U.S. labor laws will hire illegal immigrants to try to cut costs and get a leg up on its competitors. They do so because the illegal immigrants are willing to work for this low amount and, arguably, because official policies don’t do enough to curtail illegals or provide a means for illegal immigrants to become legal. It is a complicated situation that resists easy slogans for people actually trying to understand the problem.”

Law Dictionary: How Does Illegal Immigration Hurt The Economy?


At some point in the future we will have to address illegal employers but for the time being we are not.

The Executive Order?

5 Facts to Know About President Obama’s Immigration Announcement from Center for American Progress:

1. President Obama has the legal authority to act.

2. Executive action will bring economic benefits to states and the nation and give immigrants the opportunity to take care of themselves.

3. Immigrants will pay fines in order to apply to this program, which will cover administrative costs.

4.  Status is not automatic; there will be an application process.

5. This is a first step but not a permanent solution.

Mr. Obama’s executive order only deals with deportation of certain folks. That’s it. (Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration at the Border, Deporting Felons, Not Families, Criminal Background Checks and Taxes) He didn’t grant citizenship, add 5 million new voters, give out heath care, hand out food stamps, or any of the weird stuff we are hearing.

Cathy A. – “If you read on about the plan, he’s not giving them their citizenship, they have to pass a background check, have a child that’s a U.S. citizen and it’s only good for 3 years…at a time.”

For those who have been paying attention during this administration, Obama is the deportation President. I don’t see this changing except for that some families are now considered. I see this order strengthening his strict enforcement of border laws by focusing funds on needed measures.

Terry Gresham

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Republicans Can Stop Pretending They Want Immigration Reform

Republicans Can Stop Pretending They Want Immigration Reform Republicans get to act shocked and collectively recoil in horror at the idea the president they oppose would do basically the same unilateral action Reagan and Bush did. Of course, when Obama does it it’s suddenly tyrannical, unconstitutional and grounds for impeachment.

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Dulce de Membrillo

Originally posted on Good Food Everyday:

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Today I share a Portuguese/Spanish favorite, best served with a strong cheese. Membrillo originated around the 4th century and I hope it lives on forever.


A few weeks ago I cut a big batch of quince. I just love this fruit, high in pectin that you need no binding agents when it is added to any dish. There seems to be two varieties on the island, the old traditional one with very grainy flesh and a more recent arrival here with flesh that is similar to a cooking apple with fuzzy skin and a more robust flavor.

I personally prefer the original variety if you are making quince jam or jelly but to use as a binder the new variety is great as it practically leaves no strong taste or texture when added as a thickener.

For the Membrillo you will first…

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People Say I Am Too Hard on Those on the Right

I get complaints from people I know who say I am too hard on those on the right and shouldn’t be dissing them all the time. And I think oh well they’re right, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on them rich old cranky white guys and their minions in the state and national legislatures. And then I read about a group of Tea Party School Board members in Gilbert Arizona who decided to require that school district rip to out pages from biology books that mention abortion and I think I’m not the 800lb crazy in the room they are.

How does ripping out pages in a textbook going to keep kids from learning about abortion good or bad? Most kids have iPhones, iPads, smartphones and computers they surf the net a lot more than I do, that knowledge is out there, you ain’t going to be able to keep it in a box any longer. Let them do like my mom did and teach them to think for themselves and get the facts before they make up their minds.

But, then I think well that’s the problem allowing people to learn and to learn to think for themselves and oh gosh that’s not what those rich old white guys like the Kochs want people to do. They want to tell us and especially kids what they should think and believe. We should be well into the age of enlightenment and we have people trying to take us back to them good ole days of H.L. Hunt and John Birch and Jim Crow laws.

Yeah we should follow Phil Robertson the Duck Dynasty guy who said African Americans were a lot happier back in the day when they still lived under Jim Crow laws. And we have people who defend Phil as not being a racist? Have they ever looked up the meaning of the word? Doesn’t sound that they likely have.

And when I spoke about the results of the recent mid-term elections I had someone who indicated I was just expressing sour grapes because I shouldn’t be giving people like Joni Ernst a hard time over her views. But her views I would hope to god aren’t mainstream, because Joni wants to do away with the minimum wage and make all those lazy low wage workers have to go out there and find a good job and quit being lazy and shiftless.

And I think that well maybe he was right maybe I am being too hard on her and others of her ilk and stripe after all she did get elected. But then I hear about the guy who owns Hobby Lobby and lives right here in Oklahoma who has come up with an idea to have a class introduced in schools around Oklahoma to teach the Bible and I think what? Is he crazy? Well maybe but he actually tried to get this introduced into the Mustang School District starting with the fall semester. It got postponed and finally dropped altogether after saner heads prevailed.

And then there’s the rich white guy who goes around tearing down places where poor people live and doing it wearing clothes made by Armani. And I think no I’m not the 800 Crazy in the room these people are. And it may not be a fun job talking about these crazies but somebody’s got to do it and I tell myself okay some people ain’t going to like what I say but I really don’t give a rat’s ass (pardon my French) I’m going to continue to do it anyway and those who don’t like it can defriend me, because if they can’t stand the truth well tough.

A lot of people who got elected in 2014 are two sheets short of a full page and we’re likely to hear a lot more crazy coming out of Washington in the next couple of years. So I don’t plan to sit idly by and say nothing as David Niven said in his role as a New York Drama Critic in the movie ‘Please Don’t Eat The Daisies’. I shall continue to yell tripe whenever tripe is served.

Bob Bearden

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Rethuglicans Pissed: KXL

If ya wanna know what I think – - don’t matter I’m goin ta tell ya anyhow . . .
The reason the Rethuglicans are so pissed that the KXL vote didn’t go their way is – that was their Jobs Proposal. It was all they had to offer as a Job Creating measure. Of course they lied about the number of jobs but it was all they had. Kinda like they have no Health Care Reform plan, or Immigration Reform plan or any of the myriad of things they might have done to really benefit the Nation.
They are the Party of Promise a lot – deliver nothing.
The reason they have their knickers in a wad is the President is doing what he should be doing. Taking Executive action on issues that the Regressive House refuses to act on. The House Rethuglicans have done their best to make our President look weak and indecisive. They set out to prove their most basic bias – that a Black man was unfit and incapable of being the Nations leader. Now it seems that he is doing precisely what they hoped to prevent.
I sincerely hope he exercises his veto – should some sort of KXL measure get through both legislative branches. He has had a Jobs Bill that the House has refused to consider and I see no reason for there to be any concessions to them now.
It is a recipe they have cooked up – now let them eat until they get sick.

Don Nelson

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Energy Independence. Job Creation. Come on, Inhofe

GOOD MORNING. Not that you asked – here’s what’s on my mind.

Energy Independence. Job Creation. Come on, Inhofe, you have got to do better than that.
It is the worn out mantra of those supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline. It is a good example of the old propaganda tool – tell the lie often enough and it will soon be accepted as fact.
The best predictions on jobs to be created is that there will be an initial 3,900 to 4,000 or so temporary construction jobs. Perhaps lasting two years.
Permanent jobs have been said to be anywhere from 35 to 50.
As for energy independence I really am at a loss to understand how shipping Canadian Tar Sand goop through a pipeline across the US to the Gulf Coast where it will be processed at a greater expense than normal crude and then piped into tankers and shipped to other countries creates energy independence.
The end product will not be fit for auto fuel, so that argument doesn’t hold up.
The only people to benefit would be KXL and Canada. Guess who is a major player in Keystone – hint they live in Kansas.
The biggest non-Canadian lease holder in the northern Alberta oil sands is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, the privately-owned cornerstone of the fortune of conservative Koch brothers Charles and David.
Now, Republicans can’t just go to the people and say that we need to make sure insanely rich billionaires need to be given an opportunity to become even more insanely wealthy, environmental impacts be damned. Of course not. Therefore, they need to go out and claim that the project will create tons of jobs, help the country’s economy and fulfill its energy needs. Or, in other words, lie. Lie through their teeth.
It stands to reason that the Corporatists and Oligarchs will rally round the flag of Kochland. They will decry any and all attempts to thwart their coveted pipeline. We will hear the shrill cries of the angry pachydermitists, and a few jackasses, as they stumble and bumble around in search of an argument.
The US does not need the KXL pipeline cutting its way from north to south for the benefit of the wealthy. It is not going to create sustainable jobs, it will do nothing to foster Energy Independence. It will, in fact, create more discord and mistrust in the Native American population, the potential for environmental damage is palatable and, if nothing else, the fact that it is being promoted with false claims should nip it in the bud.
If there were to be thousands of permanent jobs and if the end product could be used as fuel for US consumption there might be a couple reasons to continue the debate – those two conditions are not going to happen – and the preponderance of evidence points to the end of the debate.

Don Nelson

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The Republicans are Back in Charge of Congress

President Obama Addresses The Nation On The Connecticut School ShootingThe republicans are back in charge of congress again and we have talk of all kinds of wonderful things they intend to do for us ordinary citizens, well that is the ones who have a billion or two us lessor lights not so much. They said in their weekly rebuttal address to the President’s weekly radio address that they will focus on the economy and jobs as the American people have asked them to.

But wait isn’t there more about that? Haven’t they been focusing on jobs and the economy for the past 6 years? Oh wait, that wasn’t them that was the President. 55 months of job growth since January 2009. The economy while not back to where their shining moment president took it into the dumper but much better than it was. So what part of the economy are they going to focus on?

The part where they have refused to pass a much needed bill to rebuild our crumbling nation’s infrastructure that the President has asked them to do every year since January 2009? You know the real part of our economy that needs focusing on.

Are they going to focus on raising the minimum wage that 83% of the American public say they want to see? No? Why not? Oh they believe (lead by Joni Ernst) that American low-wage workers don’t need a raise they’re just lazy and don’t work hard enough at $7.25 hour as it is. So they don’t want to raise the minimum wage, they want to do away with minimum wage and make them lazy suckers out there go out and find a good job and quit being lazy and shiftless.

Yeah, that’s why we elected these guys and gals so they can make sure that we do away with social security and Medicare because those things aren’t needed and besides they want to give a tax cut to all of the corporate world because after all those people (and now they are people thanks to the 5 Supremes) need more tax breaks, and tax cuts so they keep creating all those jobs they have been so diligently creating in China and Korea and Mexico.

Our people don’t need any stinking Medicare or Obamacare or Social Security those are just handouts to all the lazy bums who pretend to be poor and who don’t really want to work for a living, like all those people up in those corporate corner offices who worked hard and didn’t receive anything from anybody (well maybe a little help from Mom and Dad who tossed them a few million bucks when they left this earth for warmer climes).

Immigration reform send all back to where they came from. Hey us Native Americans gotta agree with that we’ll clear out this country in a hurry if they do that for us. Of course it would mean that most of those guys and gals that got elected would have to go back somewhere. Ah, not a bad idea especially if we send Ted Cruz back to Canada and his dad back to spend some time with his ole buddy Fidel.

Boy howdy, once they get going they are going really fix things without a minimum wage and any way to get on the government dole their corporate buddies will have a great group of potential slaves to pick from and they will have to work for whatever corporate wants to pay them – maybe some that old fashioned company store script? If they get hungry they will come begging to work for whatever corporate wants to pay them.

We’ll soon see what them people are really made of if they can just accomplish all of this before they crash the economy again. If not we’ve always got Obama to blame for whatever stupid thing they do!

Doesn’t get any better than that!

Bob Bearden

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