Over at Faux News they are calling the Nevada Rancher who is defying the government and refusing to pay grazing fees for having grazed his cattle on government land a patriot and a hero. In my mind he is neither. For one thing patriots defend this nation and its citizens not incite armed insurrection against it. And patriots pay their taxes and the debts they owe. This man doesn’t even recognize that there is a federal government. He has grown rich off of using federal lands for free and now that it is time to pay the piper he doesn’t believe there should be a penalty for sucking free at the government teat for over 20 years. There is noting remotely heroic in that!

Fomenting armed insurrection against a government he doesn’t recognize draws very close to treason. He agreed to pay the fees when he started grazing the land. Now he says the land belongs to him and yet he has offered no deed of ownership, but maybe he thinks like a lot of white eyes did in the old days when they took what they wanted from the Native Americans inhabiting they land they coveted. That’s its okay to just grab and not have to pay for it. That it was their right as whites to take what they wanted for free.

Putting this man up as someone who is to be admired is wrong on so many levels. There is nothing admirable about refusing to pay a debt you have incurred just because you don’t want to. And because you don’t want to pay what you owe seizing on the idea that you don’t even recognize that there is a USA certainly calls into question anything remotely patriotic or heroic.

He certainly isn’t espousing Christian principles with his stance. Jesus said render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Making him out to be a hero and a patriot glosses over the fact that he doesn’t even consider himself to be an American in the first place.

Bob Bearden

I think its a waste of life to have people sitting in jail or otherwise harassed because of prohibition. I think it’s a waste of energy, keeping people from working and voting and raising their families. I think it’s a waste of life to give people dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals or to let them suffer instead of allowing them to have a weed to smoke or swallow. I cant imagine that you mean that people should suffer just because you think weed smokers–like Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and The Beatles– are irritating more than anything else.

It doesn’t matter what people personally think about recreational marijuana use. Certainly not to me. I think that we waste a lot of time and energy in judging and punishing each other for personal choices that don’t affect others.

I don’t think marijuana is the reason the hippies lost. I don’t even really think they lost. Although the fact that millions of people have been imprisoned and utterly disenfranchised for marijuana and other drugs probably hasn’t helped a whole lot.

It’s not a waste of time to work to end prohibition, and I wouldn’t assume that those who work for it are doing it so that they can smoke legal weed and better appreciate video games or Pink Floyd. I bet Constance Johnson has never even got contact high. I personally will definitely smoke and enjoy legal weed, but not as much as I’ll enjoy knowing that children have access to medicine that can help them, cops have fewer reasons to harass and arrest young men and women, and Oklahoma has a new industry that isn’t associated with the war machine creating jobs and tax revenue. I hope people think about more than their personal distaste for marijuana when this issue comes up for a vote because it is about a whole lot more than just getting high, and in fact, in a way, it’s not about getting high at all because people are going to do that whether it’s legal or not.

jockitems___65_1124734177Newsflash! According to the Supreme Court, racism is over today! Wow! Racism ended before The Randi Rhodes Show did! Guess we really got that one in under the wire, eh? Apparently, the old, rich, white men on the nation’s highest court don’t seem to think racial issues are a problem anymore in college admissions. Somehow, that’s not surprising, coming from a group willing to ignore the fact that money is property, not speech.

Read more: http://www.randirhodes.com/articles/daily-blog-380723/on-todays-show-tue-apr-22-12278491/#ixzz2zjjFAoJ2

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True, it would be extremely difficult (impossible) to create a 3rd Party in Oklahoma so this is not a proposal to put together a 3rd political party. Yet, some folks around Oklahoma here don’t like the Republicans and some folks don’t like a few things about the Democrats either (Occasionally, some of our Dems forget they are Dems and start voting as if they were GOP) and that has caused us to be unorganized and sloppy. It’s hard to know who to put your support toward. We tend to throw up our hands and wonder why bother?  I say let’s put our support behind ourselves for a change, Not in a 3rd party, either.  There is a thing you might call a voting bloc that can be achieved quite easily. With enough folks, it can happen.

(Progressivism-a movement– should be something that is not unfamiliar to the history of either party)

A voting bloc is used to let Law makers know you exist and that you can be called on and counted on to either vote for or against their next election. Something with numbers you can count on–or dread.

First, draw up a platform. Then, let your elected officials know exactly how many votes they can count on from Progressives. (I still get notes from people around the world shocked to find out that progressives even exist in Oklahoma) This works in Vermont, I know. They get to be represented by folks like Bernie Sanders. And, single payer is about good and stuff pert near. Lawton/Fort Sill can be a bloc of voters that show politicians a thing or two both locally and State wide.

Take a look at the some websites like the Oregon Progressive Party’s platform and tell me what you like on our group page. I will string your likes together and put together a platform as I receive them. This is a tiny step but small steps add up if enough of them are taken. Vermont also has a platform, I will be posting that as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voting_bloc

“A voting bloc is a group of voters that are strongly motivated by a specific common concern or group of concerns to the point that such specific concerns tend to dominate their voting patterns, causing them to vote together in elections…Voting as a bloc can be an important tool for people with common issues they care. If a group of people can demonstrate its cohesion by voting consistently together as a bloc and able switch vote agilely as a group, in closely contested elections, even a minority group can gain considerable political power by becoming the deciding factor in an election.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voting_bloc


First proposed statement for our Bloc concerns the Living Wage. We need to vote that in or LIKE it in, since it is on facebook.

Go to our Facebook Page.

Join and hit Like, if you would have this in a voting bloc platform statement: “Establish and guarantee that the minimum wage must be a livable wage–a livable wage is one that is enough to live on.” This will go into our voting bloc platform once enough support for it happens.

Terry Gresham

Our illustrious governor Mary the Fallin’s signing of a bill fast tracked in the state legislature to prevent cities in Oklahoma from passing a minimum wage has gotten Oklahoma more unwanted media attention. Me thinks Mary, Mary awful contrary doesn’t really care and she cares nothing about and knows even less about the minimum wage in Oklahoma because she thought it to be $7.75 an hour and it’s actually only $7.25 per hour. But when you sleep nightly with Big Oil and the café industry little things like how low wage workers and waitresses and waiters fare in the job market have little meaning to you and besides she has the Marie Antoinette Syndrome of who cares about poor low wage workers anyway ‘Let them eat cake!”

Such is the attitude of so many who are part of the upscale upwardly mobile of today’s Oklahoma. They got theirs or they are getting theirs and so what if those people beneath them ain’t got theirs it’s their own damn fault because unlike me they just don’t work hard enough or maybe they didn’t get a helping hand from people like I did. That’s their fault for not having a network of friends and family who are connected. They are just a bunch of lazy bums who don’t try anyway. And besides if they don’t like their job get another one.

Such is the mentality of so many people these days. They came from a good solid family structure so they believe anyone who didn’t is lazy and don’t want to work. Which is patently false. I know a lot of waitresses and waiters and low wage workers. They work harder than most people among the upper scale of salaries. If those kind of people had to spend a week working at a low wage minimum wage job they would think they had been enslaved and they definitely would consider themselves to be mistreated. They haven’t a clue they know what they’ve been told but if you haven’t been there done that it’s hard to know or understand the mechanics or the economics of it.

I’ve been there. I grew up on ranches all over the southwest as my dad was a real life Texas cowboy who had a minimal education and who although he was one of the best ranch hands I ever saw with his limited education was forced to take jobs that were low wage low pay and often with no benefits. I chopped cotton for below the minimum wage, pulled boles for $1.25 100lbs. Plowed wheat land for as low as $75 an hour. My mother who had a good education often had to take jobs in greasy spoon cafes for far below the minimum wage. She worked in sweatshop laundries, chopped cotton, pulled boles, plowed wheat land, herded cattle and worked in pants factories among a number of jobs.

My family understood low wage economics and we weren’t lazy or slovenly nor did we refuse to work. That is the plight of millions of low wage minimum wage workers today. They are where they are through no fault of their own. The economy they find themselves mired in wasn’t of their doing. You can blame all of those namby pamby Wall-Streeters for their plights. You know all those great people who are such hard workers at taking advantage of their clients and who in 2008 nearly brought down the world with their machinations and subterfuge.

Dissing low wage and minimum wage workers is wrong on so many levels. If you haven’t been there done that then you really don’t know. Maybe if you believe they are lazy by design and slovenly because they want to be you should try living and working as they do for a few months and then come back and tell everyone how lazy they are. A little low wage humble might just change your thought process and improve your outlook about those who have less.
Bob Bearden

Outrage Over Obamacare Is Nothing Compared With FDR’s New Deal (via Moyers & Company)

Every baby step toward guaranteeing American working people a minimum of economic security with new social insurance programs has been greeted with howls of horror and outrage — and predictions that the end of the Republic is near. Every new addition…

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minimum wage7

I can understand the right for someone to vote against raising the minimum wage…….but BANNING cities from passing higher wages?

BANNING cities from enacting PAID SICK days?



Did she BAN Corporations from giving out bonuses?

Did she BAN corporations from enacting sick day?

Did she BAN corporations from giving vacations?

  • No.

Just BANNING the middle class…….

minimum wage2

‘At a time when many states and cities are working passing minimum wage increases, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) has gone in the opposite direction and signed a law banning cities from passing higher wages. The bill also bans them from enacting paid sick days or vacation requirements’.

(Bloggers Note : I live in Washington State where we have the highest minimum wage in the Nation. The legislation was passed in 1998 and the minimum wage raises with inflation. Strangely NOT ONE of the…

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