To war or not to war that is the question. The answer for congress is simple. We aren’t going to answer that until after the election. It’s an election year no hard questions for us to answer until after the election and then ,maybe we’ll be to get our guts back and then we’ll be able to step up and do the right thing which is actually do something. Or maybe not, after all we weren’t elected to take action that’s the president’s job. Our job is to sue him if we don’t like what action he takes.

We have a totally dysfunctional congress, especially in the House where they will do nothing while calling on the president to take action and then suing him when he does. How gutless is that? And guess what most of these clowns expect us to re-elect them in November and sadly most of us will go to the polls and vote their gutless behinds back into office and then decry how upset we are with them because they won’t do anything except blame the president for their inability to take action.

What has happened to this nation and its people? When did we become mesmerized by a bunch of wild-eyes hypocrites who run for office because they want to do away with our constitutional form of government and then in the next breath proclaim themselves to be patriots? How can a person claim to be a patriot and yet proclaim in the next breath they want to destroy the very government that they proclaim to be patriotic about?

It makes no sense. And it makes no sense that we continue to elect people to public office who spew forth that kind of drivel. It makes no sense that we keep returning to office people who don’t want to work with our president who just happens to be half Black but who proclaim they don’t hate him because of his race they just don’t like the way he leads this nation and yet when given an opportunity to work with him and rebuild this nation’s infrastructure they will not even consider a bill presented by a president they don’t hate but refuse to work with and still claim they are not motivated by a dislike for him based upon the color of his skin.

It’s way past that now. They have hated him since the day he took office and they can proclaim their lack of prejudice and bigotry all they want to but their actions say otherwise. They can cloak their hatred in whatever way they want to but it won’t change who they are and it won’t change the facts. And the facts are they can’t hate our government and still profess to patriotic Americans, because if they do they are not.

They are simply without intestinal fortitude to stand up and say how they really feel and how they really believe. Because what they have been doing to this nation and its people is bordering on treasonous and it’s all because they hate the fact that the American public went to the polls twice and elected a half white half African American to highest position in the land that of president of the United States.

You can blame the democrats for a lot of things but you can’t blame them for being bigots or racists because they are not. The democratic party has committed those sins in their past lives but they have moved past that and reinvented themselves as the most inclusive party that has ever existed. Not all democrats are perfect nor are they saints of any sort but they aren’t acting like two year old delinquents either. There is one party in this nation who is acting like grown ups but it is not the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.

That party is embracing hatred, bigotry and racism. They are embracing people, in fact they are welcoming them into their midst, people who hate our nation, its people and our government and who want to destroy it from within. And they have fooled enough people into believing what they are saying that our nation is actually in danger of falling prey to them and their beliefs.

They embrace the politics that proclaim the rich are suffering and the poor and disadvantaged are the ones who are the cause. They have convinced a lot of people that low wage workers are the reason the economy isn’t where it should be and that low wage workers don’t deserve to receive a fair and living wage because they are lazy and shiftless and don’t really want to work, and that it’s okay for rich people to own 60 percent of all the wealth in this country and that it is wrong for anyone to speak out against that philosophy.

They blame children for being hungry and they blame poor people for being poor and that all the problems of this nation are because poor people are lazy and shiftless and don’t want to work. They spread hate, avarice and fear as a way to keep people believing that what they tell them is true and sadly a lot of people who should know better are buying it even when all the evidence proves otherwise.

Sadly they have gladly driven a wedge in this nation so wide that it may never be healed. But that’s what spreading hate and fear usually works to do. How can we change this scenario? And can we change it?

I’m not sure we can but we certainly have to try. We have to keep speaking truth to power and we have to keep spreading the news that their kind of world isn’t what we need. And we have to go to the polls and speak with one voice. There isn’t any perfect politicians but if we keep electing those whose only purpose is to destroy this nation they will succeed in their quest.

We have to make sure that every citizen has the right to vote and that they are not kept from exercising that right. Denying any citizen the right to cast their vote is wrong and passing laws that are designed to prevent whole segments of our society from voting is wrong.

The color of ones skin is no cause for hate nor bigotry and we have to call out politicians who continue to spread hate and bigotry. As my favorite minister says, “Either we all matter or none of us do!”

Bob Bearden

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Controlling Desertification : download the ebook (Google)

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It is Now Clear Why Obama Recently Said He Had No ISIS Strategy.

Before going into wild opinionville on President Obama’s statement about not having a strategy, know that when he says there is no strategy there is a strategy.  Saying there is no strategy is most likely part of that strategy.

Strategy“It is now clear why Obama recently said he had no ISIS strategy.” see Z Facts

Obama’s ISIS Strategy

 It is now clear why Obama recently said he had no ISIS strategy. Ten Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia just announced they would join the US in a strategy to destroy ISIS. It’s much harder to bring players like that on board if you announce that you’ve decided everything and just want them to join you and do what you’ve decided needs doing. So in fact he had a much more subtle strategy than the hard left and hard right could imagine, and the first step was to gain crucial support from the Arabs.

In fact, those complaining about his strategy understand little about war or about strategy in any competitive game. You don’t announce your strategy, that only helps your opponent. And in politics is makes no sense to announce that you have a great strategy, but you’re not telling what it is. So the only course is to play your cards close to your vest. – Z Facts

Here’s one person who doesn’t think much but likes to talk a lot while looking like an expect on stuff. Both talking heads in this video even look supper serious. Notice how sure of everything folks like this appear.  Sadly, there are lots more of these characters out there making asses of themselves.

If cowboy rushing in alone like Rambo or some other hero is what folks prefer, by all means, let them move to Hollywood.

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Reality Show Coming this Season on the Whatever Channel

New reality show coming this season on the whatever channel. Duck Dynasty meets Sarah Palin and it’s a free for all no holds barred combination of Phil Robertson explaining how the Bible really should be interpreted and Sarah who will not only explain what’s wrong with the world but how to beat up anyone who disagrees with you on that or any other subject of interest.

Sarah Palin brawling with her family at a party in Alaska. North To Alaska Sarah Palin style. Moose shooting from a plane must be out of season. And now we know what the elite do in Alaska on those long days where the moon never shines and the sun does all day long. Beat the hell out of anyone who pisses you and yours off. And to think she almost made it to within a heartbeat away from the presidency. Maybe we need to send her and her whole family to the Middle East to deal with ISIS or ISIL or whatever they are calling themselves these days.

We do love our weirdoes in America. Phil Robertson explaining the Bible, Tom Green introducing school kids to bible study, Sarah Palin teaching us all about brawling. One might wonder what Putin thought when he looked out his window and saw the Palin clan in a barroom style donnybrook. Oh that’s right you actually can’t see Russia from her kitchen window.

We seem to get our kicks now not from Route 66 but from a bunch of increasingly weirder and weirder people who come upon the scene grow a beard that makes them look like a cross between a member of the Taliban and member of some odd religious sect that hasn’t quite realized they are in the 21st Century. Or from some former beauty queen contestant who would be a government leader if she could just figure out where Kurdistan or some such istan was. And suddenly we are making google eyes at these people who are telling us all this weird crap and we are eating it up and believing every word we know ain’t in the least bit true, but gosh don’t they say the darnest things or what.
We have always had our Johnny Come Lately like P. T. Barnum and didn’t they used to like to lay out shot up outlaws and charge 10cents to walk by them after they had been shot up. In fact one of those outlaws I don’t remember which at the moment got lugged around the country for years and served up to the public in various towns for 10cents a look before someone finally had the decency to get him buried in the ground where he should have been right after is sudden and untimely demise.

Frank James ended up his days charging $.50 to visitors at his ranch to be regaled with tales of his and brother Jesse’s derringdo days. Cole Younger a James boys cousin who survived his errant ways went around the country giving lectures and working in various Wild West Show portraying himself and made a fair living at the doing so I guess we shouldn’t be dissing the Duckster Phil or Sarah the Palin for trying to get rich off being idiots it’s pretty much been the American way for as long as we’ve been a nation. Crass stupidity and idiocy sells and we as Americans are those suckers P.T. meant when he said one was born every minute.

It just seems rather crass and dishonorable way to make a buck, but what do I know? There’s seem to be a big market for Americans watching crazy people doing weird things and loving every minute of it. These so-called reality shows make no sense to me and I am not amused nor entertained by them in the least. Not my thing of course as I adhere to the Forest Gump adage, Stupid is as stupid does!

Bob Bearden

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President’s Speech

Lot’s of furor generated over the President’s speech on how he intends to deal with ISIS. Most of the pundits seem to think he didn’t really outline a viable strategy. And members of congress were quickly critical of his intentions and hurt that he seemed ready to act without them. Oh really? When you have a congress who is deadlocked and refuses to act then what would you suggest he do?

There is no easy answer to the problems created by ISIS they are a force that has no compunction to act in a sane and normal manner and they are killing without compunction. They are terrorizing the Middle East and killing and destroying whomever gets in their path. Something must be done but whatever action is taken will require a resolve on the part of a lot of nations not just the good old US of A.

We are not the world’s policemen even if we have been acting like it for a long time. The causes behind the rise of ISIS are many and we as a nation have some share in making them what they have become. We have some responsibility in trying to curb them, but there is no feeling in this nation for putting more of our troops in harm’s way as in boots on the ground, though there may be no other way to stop the spread of their vile brand of ideology.

What we do need is cooperation and boots on the ground from Iraq, Turkey, and other Middle East nations and their resolve to stem the tide that is ISIS. If they haven’t the resolve to stay the course we can’t be the force that steps in, in their absence. America is tired of continual war despite what war hawks like Lindsay Graham and John McCain seem to think and the answer to this crisis lies in consensus not America as John Wayne riding to the rescue. Not sending more Americans to die for someone else’s ideology or their lack of it.

We share in the cause and effect that has created ISIS and we have some responsibility in seeing them defeated. But ISIS is not entirely of our doing and we cannot be the only mechanism of their demise as an evil fanatical force in the Middle East. Defeating an ideology can’t be done solely by military force we have to find a way to quit going to war to protect our source of energy and that way is to find better sources that are cleaner and cheaper and renewable without having to wait for a thousand years. Those sources are available.

And in the end we have to quit spreading hate. Hate is one of the main reasons we now have to deal with the insane ideology that is ISIS. As Johnny Rivers said in his iconic Where Have All The Flowers Gone, When will we ever learn?

Bob Bearden

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What a gorgeous moon out tonight

What a gorgeous moon out tonight. Reminded me of the old Johnny Horton standard Baby I’m Ready If You’re Willing, that starts off There’s a big bright moon out tonight, The night is just made for love, Baby I’m ready if you’re willing. Or Elvis’ mother’s favorite song When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again. The moon also takes me back to my childhood days and the first time I saw one of those moons as a child. My cousin told me it was the old man in the moon, moon cause if you looked close enough you could him, and I did on more than one occasion.


That big golden orb has always gave me a warm fuzzy feeling for some reason. Moons like it are rare and whenever I see one I think of all the people I love and have loved and it gives me pleasure. Of it signifies the start of the autumnal equinox and the coming harvest in the Native American culture and a time of feasting and enjoyment and the giving of thanks for the harvest and the beginning of the autumnal season.

My mother always called it a lover’s moon and I have always thought of it in that manner myself I guess partly from her suggestiveness in naming it that way. It is bright enough and large enough for lovers to be together underneath it and the moon in many cultures, including the Native American culture has much significance as to its part in love and the beginnings of love certainly. There is definitely something to be said for that, that is more than just folklore.

Love always plays out more deeply under a golden moon and whether that is myth or something that is provable through the logic of science I don’t know or care I just happen to believe that the moon and stars can and do often cast a spell upon lovers. I know from my own experience that is does. I asked my wife to marry me underneath a brilliantly lit sky with a full moon above and stars all aglow in the heavens while crossing the Red River and she after admonishing me to cross the river and pull over said yes.

Was I in love before that night? Yes, but the convex of the moon and the stars on a brilliant night in January played a major part in making that come to fruition and I have never doubted that it did. Perhaps it was and is my Native American spirituality that plays into that but I know in my heart than on that night at that exact moment in time all the things necessary came together and it was the right place and right time and until her death in 2000 it worked and was real, beautiful and true and in some place within my soul and my heart it still is.

Ode to a Golden Moon,
Tonight the moon is yellow,
As it rises magnificent in the sky,
The wispy clouds caress it,
And it floats there upon on high.

The night is alive in the beauty,
Of its gorgeous golden glow,
It is the purveyor of love undying,
True love weetly given here below.

In the heavens it is astonishing,
Breathtaking in its wanton glory,
Shining down upon lovers below,
Allowing each to write their story.

Bob Bearden

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What a way to start this soft sweet morning

What a way to start this soft sweet morning. Listening as Juice Newton sings her beautiful Angel of the Morning and the sweet feeling as Dean Martin croons his signature Volare and now the Beetles with perhaps their most beautiful of all compositions Yesterday. Great way to begin this another beautifully crafted morning.


Now Tommy Edwards’ gorgeously beautiful Since I Fell For You. The wafting strings in the background as he softly sings the lyrics, sad though the song it brings on a nice feeling of remembrance adding sweetly to the morning rising softly as I watch all the fine feathers gather together to feast at the bird feeder. Now Tommy on his signature song All In The Game.

Nice way to begin a long day of meetings that will stretch into the nighttime hours before they end. Just a nice way to relax and contemplate the natural order of things in nature. Soft sweet morning rise. Beautiful thoughts and sweet remembrances of things past but not in the least forgotten. Still love them old songs maybe the only one left who does but that’s okay they sooth my soul and get me ready to meet the world on my terms.

A sweet song, a fine cup of home brewed coffee and thou sweet precious memories. All is not lost and another day begins just as it should.

Bob Bearden

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