A deal with Iran not thought possible. The rogue state of Iran. Another fine accomplishment Obama has gotten us into. And now for the naysayers, so say one so say they all, he is not a jolly good fellow.

The legacy of a rock star president continues to rise to heights not thought possible. Under the God that was Ronald the Reagan this deal would have been exactly enough to have his craggy visage implanted upon Mount Rushmore, enshrined in the conservative Hall of Fame forevermore, quoth the Rove, evermore.

But in the annals of the Tea Party there arose a cry of foul – oh foul! It smelleth as of it be a fowl long dead. Ted Cruz the masturbator that he be shall with a bible in hand anguish and proclaim to all between heaven and earth, we can see Armageddon it is foretold. In the ranks of the GOP running men, this ranks with the skit on Hee Haw – doom, and gloom and agony on me, deep dark depression, excessive misery. To those of you too young to remember Hee Haw, that’s Hee Haw speak for -bad, bad, bad.

And the Netty of Israel has loosed the wrath of the God of Israel and placed a pox on the house of Obama for all the days of his lives. Is that show still on TV? We want war, we want rumors of war. John the McCaine who failed to slay Abel or Obama and who brought the house of Palin of the house of Sarah, Moose killer to the angry Faux nation, simply said, “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!” (Sang to the tune of the old Beach Boys hit Barbara Ann).

Gosh, a president who actually has worked to prevent another war. How cool is that? Well, if you live in the perpetual state of fantasy that is the GOP running for president here’s my card with my qualifications or lack thereof it ain’t cool at all. It’s called stealing their thunder in some quarters. But what the hey suddenly it’s summer and Donald the Trump has been wiped off of the face of the news (at least until he gets his groove back) and we have openings all over the place for the gaggle of geese that is the GOP field of Nightmares on Elm Street.

But as Joan Rivers that ole shored up hunk of a nightmare herself used to say, “Candidates, is it coffee, tea or will you sirs, light into the Obama man now!” Well, she didn’t actually spew forth those exact words but you get the picture. And weigh in they have. The dogs of war are nipping at the heels of the media and the media is lapping it up like a puppy dog at first milking in the morning on the Seven Hills Ranch north of Spur Texas.

Yes, suddenly Obama has accomplished what no one in the GOP field has been able to do, suck all the air out of the blowhard that is Donald the Trump. Wow, Trump has been trumped. How’d that happen?

The deal with Iran is worthy news, and it says that a pending war with Iran being pushed by the Hawks on the Hill and begged by Netty Yahoo of Israel will now not likely happen oh woe is the GOPers. And they are all crying fowl or is foul? Works either way I guess.

Obama thou art the man!

Bob Bearden