With our state facing a huge budget shortfall of approximately $1.2 billion dollars, cuts to social services will likely be the mantra of the day at the state legislature as they begin a new session today. The governor in the state of the state message she will deliver will blame it on the drop of oil prices while still likely extolling how wonderfully low our unemployment is.

All of that is fantasy land crap because the hands that control our state government won’t do the right thing and cut us loose from an always volatile boom and bust economy tied to the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry for their part are simply greedy SOBs because when the profits are insanely high like they have been until recently they stick those profits in their pockets instead of diversifying into renewable energy.

They got our governor (arguably the second or third worst in the nation) to continue the tax cuts to their industry and with encouragement from greedy corporations our state legislature have passed draconian laws that make a mockery out of our state’s unemployment figures. The law that allows the state to deny unemployment benefits to those who are simply being laid off through no fault of their own is allowing our state to report low unemployment when that is actually not the case.

Now they are touting a sales tax to slap a Band-Aid on the state’s shortfall. They want a sales tax (arguably the most regressive tax possible) to fund teachers pay and provide much needed funding to DHS. A sales tax is a short fix to a long term problem and it places the burden of keeping our state afloat on those on the lower end of the economic scale. It will have little effect on the oil and gas industry nor the large greedy corporations who all suffer from sucking at the teat of state government for tons of tax breaks that allows them to pay almost no taxes whatsoever.

Will the governor and her cohorts in the state legislature do the right thing? You can count on one finger the times that has happened, in fact you don’t even need one finger because they haven’t ever done the right thing. What you can count is they will feed their hungry greedy oil and gas buddies and make sure they are full of all those rich tax breaks that the rest of us in Oklahoma will have to suck it up to pay for.

There will be no compassion present in our governor’s state of the state message today save that she reserves for her corporate welfare buddies. No brag just fact!

Bob Bearden