Well, you get what you ask for sometimes even when you don’t actually want what you ask for. The GOP has got the Donald and they are getting him good and hard. His mouth a foul cesspool of bigotry, hate and racism his already causing some pinched sour faces among the elite leadership of the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.

And they don’t sound all that united either. Erstwhile Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul ‘Cautious’ Ryan, just yesterday screwed up his courage and endorsed the Donald. Today he looks like he just ate some really sour grapes. Why is that?

The Donald, not one to stand on his laurels as the presumptive heir to the legacy of Mitt Romney or Dubya, is feeling the mantle of the kingdom already and he ain’t even elected yet. He has ramped up his racist rant against one of the Judges who is hearing one of the lawsuits brought against the now disgraced Trump University.

OMG sayeth the hierarchy amid the GOP hold their noses crowd who have just anointed the Donald with on their knees genuflections unto him only recently done. Now they, having realized they have stepped into a huge pile of the Donald manure, are squeezing their grins into chagrin mode and saying WTF?

Both Mitch McConnell, who appears to have a perpetual wad of snuff packed into his mouth, screwed up his sour puss into what might actually have to pass for a smile the next several months and hem hawed all over the place trying to walk back the Donald’s foul-mouthed attack on one of the most respected Judges in the nation with his vicious racists rants against the Judge and his heritage of Hispanic ancestry.

And Paul Ryan had to ramp up his most Speakerish vestige and say just one day after he agreed to support and vote for the Donald that he didn’t agree with the presumptive heir to the Grand Old Party of Lincoln. Wow! If at first you don’t succeed in tearing up the Grand Old Party of Lincoln just wait until you get to be the presumptive nominee!

The next 5 months are gonna be really a fun time for Ryan and McConnell. By the time November rolls around they will likely have aged 10 years each and be wondering why in the Hell they ever wanted to be in politics. But OMG they wanted to unify the party behind a jackass! WTF were they thinking?

Hillary got her licks in nicely and in a job well done one could say she cooked the Donald’s goose and he is now so well done someone needs to turn him over. Hillary plainly spoke to what and who the Donald is and it wasn’t a pretty picture.

And the Donald for his part having now been chastised by two real expert women in Hillary and Elizabeth (as in Warren) ego bruised and whining tried the tweeting rant again but that didn’t work any better this time against Hillary than it did against Elizabeth Warren. Hillary in the middle of her speech allowed that the Donald was likely at the very moment tweeting his displeasure.

Getting caught in the act of being ignorantly stupid, he abruptly stopped tweeting. How’s that for fixing stupid?

Hillary explained the Donald well and she skewered him upon the petard of his own wildly outrageous pronouncements and racist, bigoted hate filled rants. With his own words, she exposed him for the crass overbearing schoolyard bully that he is. And she didn’t lie one time in her speech. But she did expose a plethora of lies and falsehoods the Donald has been allowed by so-called journalists to get away with.

Hillary is absolutely correct when she says he is dangerously incoherent. He is scary to the extreme. The best scenario I can think of to describe the Donald is the final scene in Dr. Strangelove when actor Slim Pickens playing the part of a rogue B-52 Commander can’t get the bomb to eject onto Moscow so he does it by hand and waving his cowboy hat he straddles the bomb as it heads towards its target. That for me is the Donald personified.

Bob Bearden