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Oliver North now president spokesman for the NRA is trying to make terrorist out of a group of school kids, simply because they are speaking out against the NRA and the fear tactics they use to intimidate and instill fear that the government is coming for their guns First off the Parkland School Survivors aren’t in any way shape or form terrorists that is absolutely absurd and from the mouth of a liar of the magnitude of Oliver North anyone with a small modicum of memory knows that to be true.

The NRA under attack and feeling the pain of not being America’s darling anymore is ramping up their vitriol of hate and fear tactics. Amazingly enough, they fooled their members into believing for 8 years that President Obama was going to come and take their guns away. An abjectly ignorant stupid fear that in actual fact didn’t happen. So now they are going after kids as a way to sell the idea that someone might be coming to get their guns.

These kids are smarter adversaries than Ollie of the Northside of sanity believes that they are. They aren’t going away and that strikes fear in the hearts of North and his cronies whose lives have been enriched by the money they’ve made off of telling lies and pretending to be patriots. Their brand of patriotism is aligned with Tail Gunner Joe McCarty who crashed and burned in flames many years ago.

But that isn’t going to stop Ollie and his crowd of ‘Cold Dead Hands’ Gripping their guns as the funeral guys shovel dirt over the top of their caskets. Do real Christians believe there is a place in Heaven for people like Ollie, Charlatan et. al.? Maybe it’s like the wall in the joke about a man from a certain denomination who was being shown around Heaven by St. Peter and they came to a wall that no one could see over. The man asked why it was there. St. Peter replied, “Oh that’s because that denomination doesn’t know anyone else is up here!”

Can’t quite wrap my mind around a place in Heaven that houses a firing range for the Cold Dead Hands people. I am a firm believer that there may be one such place down below, but it is likely to be so hot as to find no one able to fire their gun without burning their hands. Just an idea since I’m not sure I even believe in Hell in the first place.

But I really don’t think there will be a place in Heaven where one can go to fire off the gun that no one ever took away even from their cold dead hands. But to the point of my blog I don’t think Ollie and the NRA are doing themselves, our citizens or our nation any good in trying to paint the kids from Parkland and across the nation who are saying “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” as Terrorists.

The word jerk always comes to my mind whenever I see or hear Oliver North speak or appear on TV or elsewhere. Can’t say exactly why it does, but it always seems to.

Bob Bearden