“Let us look forward to the pleasing landscape of the future” Chief Ross

From her meditations “A Cherokee Feast of Days” Joyce Sequichie Hifler offers these thoughts as the sun sets on another day.

“A young Indian boy named ‘Slow’ was so brave in battle when he was fourteen that he was renamed ‘Sitting Bull’. He had a great love for birds and imitated their songs – finally writing songs of his own and chanting them.
How many of us have been called slow? If not in one category, then in another. The change comes when we study something we love, doing what comes so naturally that we succeed in an area that was totally unexpected.
Never underestimate the power of small beginnings. Sufficiency in all things more often than not begins in small ways. Little ideas and tiny steps evolve into greater accomplishment.
Someone said it takes twenty years to become an overnight success, but it only takes seconds to recognize the beginning of one.”

As with any journey toward realizing a goal – we progress one step at a time. We march to a better future – one step at a time.

G’Nite Y’All. Rest well, the march continues.

Don Nelson