A field of dreams? I actually believe it would be more correct to paint them as delusional than as dreamers. Take the lot of them they are unabashed panders all. Tea Partiers almost to a fault. They are all (save one or two) government haters who want to lead the government of the United States. How does that work? If you hate government of all types why would you want to be in charge of it? Maybe to destroy it? Nothing else makes any sense.

And given the bent of these clowns why would anyone want to vote to put any one of them in charge of our government, given their expressed aims are to destroy it? Okay let’s elect Ted Cruz so he can do away with the most free government ever devised. Yes doesn’t that make perfect sense?

Yeah, if you have just been placed in an asylum for the insane, maybe it would make perfect sense. But placing someone in charge of a government of free citizens, that hates that very government and whose express aim is to do everything within their power to destroy it! Why?

And don’t give that crap about well that’s just rhetoric because if it is just rhetoric then we should not be taking any of these people seriously enough to even consider them as a viable candidate. If it is just political pandering and they really don’t mean what they say then why would you want to vote to put an expressed liar in the White House?

And when you look at their qualifications for leading is when you should really start to panic. They are scary in the main and really scary when you place their abilities under intense scrutinity. Scott Walker thinks he can handle ISIS because he handled a large group of peaceful protestors. ISIS is a terrorist organization they have weapons of mass destruction. Comparing them to men and women exercising their right to protest peacefully is nothing short of ignorant or in the main an act of arrogance.

He also thinks being an Eagle Scout as a kid makes him qualified to be Commander in Chief of the military. Wow! I was a Life Scout, does that qualify me to be Secretary of State? Being a boy scout is a good thing and it helps teach kids about responsibility or at least I have always thought it did, until Scott Walker came a long.

Then there isTed Cruz. A man whose main qualification to be president is that he hates the very government he seeks to lead. And you don’t have to take my word for it that he hates our government. He has lead the charge to shut it down more than once. And he loves the persona he has created for himself. That of someone who sounds and acts crazy. It may just be an act but it seems pretty real and act or not why would you want to put a certified crazy or even a pretend crazy in charge of a government he loves to hate?

There is a lot of others of varying degrees of credibility or the lack thereof, as the case may be made for every single one of them in one way or another. They all want to destroy government in this country as we know in one way or the other. They would all end the Affordable Health Care Act, even though it has become so successful that emergency in some states where the act has begun to be fully realized have had to close their doors because of the drop in people without insurance filling them up on a 24/7 basis. And it’s not being decried by the people working in those ER’s because now they all can go back to doing medicine the way it should be practiced.

They would destroy Social Security and Medicare, two of the most successful government programs ever devised. Both are solvent and sound and cost the taxpayers almost nothing to administer and yet each one of the GOP candidates would end them both tomorrow if they could. Millions of lives have been saved and improved by Social Security and Medicare. So why would you want to destroy that? Millions of our seniors have been able to live out their twilight years with dignity and in good health, because of social security and Medicare. They are programs that save lives and they aren’t government programs that cost the government money. All of the funding for both programs comes from those who will eventually reap the benefits of them.

The GOP once fielded candidates who loved this country, who cared about our seniors, our students and minorities. What happened to those people? What happened to the Republican Party? Why and how did it become a collection of mean spirited haters of all things American? Lincoln would be appalled. Teddy Roosevelt would start another Bull Moose Party. Everrit Dirkson would have quit the party he loved a long time ago. Dwight David Eisenhower would probably be running for president nowadays as a Democrat.

Those were some deeply conservative members, but they all had a social conscience and they all cared more about their country and the citizens they served than they did of protecting a few tight-assed billionaires. Billionaires who want only one thing: to control every aspect of life of the rest of us and in their greed want to destroy the greatest free nation ever devised.

Abraham Lincoln would not understand the party he helped found. He would be aghast at what has become it. It may call itself the Grand Old Party of Lincoln but if he were alive today he would ask them to refrain from associating his name with a party that has become so mean spirited and bigoted that it would for Honest Abe be totally unrecognizable.

Bob Bearden